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Shortcode to Display Product Review Lists

ReviewX offers a shortcode to display the review list of your customer anywhere on your site. You just need to use shortcode ‘ [rvx-review-list ], it will bring all product reviews of your store. And also you can filter based on rating like you want to show all 5 stars of the site then use [rvx-review-list rating=5]

Shortcode to display all product review list: [rvx-review-list]

with the product ID for displaying the specific product review list.

Shortcode to display a specific product review list: [rvx-review-list product_id= ]

For giving you more flexibility this shortcode accepts some parameter also.

Parameters of this shortcode:

To show filter with review list use filter=on otherwise filter=off

Want to set number of reviews to display per page? pass this parameter per_page=x with the number.

review_count=x parameter can be used to display the number of reviews to be shown when pagination is off.

You can display review lists based on ascending or descending order. Just pass the parameter on the shortcode order_by=asc or order_by=dsc

For sorting review based on top rated, photo with reviews, video with reviews, or text only, use the parameter, sort_by = top | text | photo | video | recent

sc review list 1

It will give you a result like this:

rvx review list 7.31.10 PM

Having difficulties? Feel free to reach out to our Dedicated Support Team.

Amin Abir

Amin Abir

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5 thoughts on “Shortcode to Display Product Review Lists

  1. Nice!

    Two questions about it:
    – How do I show the score of 4 ánd 5?
    – What are the alternatives for the count?

    So basically the options within the basic code [rvx-review-list] are;



    sort_by = top
    sort_by = text
    sort_by = photo
    sort_by = video



    Is that correct?

  2. Hi there,

    Many thanks for this article! I am looking to build a page with all the reviews for our products, but the shortcode does not state to which product the review was sent. So if I list them all on one page, customers do not know what products the reviews are referred for.

    Any way to change this?

    Thank you!

  3. I left a comment but it was deleted so here it is again.
    How do you display the products that got the reviews in the list?

    I would like to display the entire list of reviews, but if it doesn’t say to which products the reviews were left, it’s pointless.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi

      Yes, your point is logical. We are making a series of shortcodes sequentially, we will introduce this in our review list shortcode, with product info, link, images.


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