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How to Send Review Reminder Email Using ReviewX

ReviewX allows you to send the email to remind your customer to give a review of the item(s) they purchased from your shop. To send the review reminder email follow these steps below.

Step 1: Go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to wp-admin -> ReviewX -> Review Reminder > Email Content. This is the place where you can set up the review reminder email.

Step 2: Write a catchy & attractive subject for the review reminder email. The ‘Reminder Subject’ also support the preset placeholders, such as [SHOP_NAME]

Step 3: This step about the main email content. By default, you’ll find a basic HTML template with the ready-made content. You can modify the content whenever you want.

Step 4: It’s kinda slightly adventurous stuff. If you wish to change the email template or modify the default template, yes you can do it form here.

Step 5: ReviewX offers you some of the ‘Preset Placeholder‘ to write the review reminder email with dynamic data. The following placeholders are available as built-in.

  • [ORDER_ID]
  • [ORDER_COMPLETED] (when the order status been changed to ‘completed’)
  • [ORDER_ITEMS] (list of products of the current order)
  • [MY_ORDERS_PAGE] (WooCommerce ‘My-account > Orders’ page link)
  • [MY_ACCOUNT] (WooCommerce ‘My-account’ page)

Step 6: All set, now you’re ready to hit the ‘Save & Send Email’ button. Once you trigger, ReviewX will detect all the orders and their items without the review and will send the email to the respective customers.

Note: To send the review reminder email you have to make sure that your WordPress mail delivery is working properly. Don’t worry you can test that using WP Mail by WPForms plugin

Having difficulties? Feel free to reach out to our Dedicated Support Team.

Arifur Rahman Naim

Arifur Rahman Naim

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5 thoughts on “How to Send Review Reminder Email Using ReviewX

  1. I want to send emails requesting reviews to people who have bought products in the last few months. Can you think of a way I can do that

    1. Hi Tom, This is our ucoming feature, so you’ll be able to filter using presets, like ‘(1) Yesterday, (2) Last Week, (3) This Month, (3) Last Month, (4) This Year, (5) Last Year, (6) All the Time. or using any given custom date range.

      Today is 31st August, 2020 and we’re expecting to release this feature by next 3 days. We’ll let you know as well. Thanks.

    2. Hi Tom

      Happy to share with you that our previously mentioned ‘Filter Email’ feature is just released with our latest version of ReviewX.
      Now you’ll be able to filter review reminder email using presets, like ‘(1) Yesterday, (2) Last Week, (3) This Month, (3) Last Month, (4) This Year, (5) Last Year, (6) All the Time. or using any given custom date range.
      Also, we have introduced the scheduler email feature, where you can set the date & time along with other filtering combinations, and email will be delivered as per the set condition.

      We hope you will enjoy it.

      Here is the documentation of the ‘Filter Email’ feature: https://reviewx.io/docs/how-to-filter-before-sending-woocommerce-review-reminder-email/
      ReviewX Changelog: https://reviewx.io/changelog/
      Our Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/ReviewX.io

  2. We’d like to know if we can add product images in the email sent to the customer. Currently, only the title shows with link.

    1. Hi Ryan

      Yes, that will be a nice feature. We have a plan to make the email template more featured and functional. I am adding your feature request to our road map.

      Thanks for the nice suggestion.

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