How to use [rvx-woo-reviews] Shortcode with Elementor

ReviewX also offers another shortcode for Elementor to display specific informations of reviews .

Step 1: To use [rvx-woo-reviews] shortcode for Elementor, you need to create a template for a single product page. Creating a template is a premium feature of Elementor.

Process of creating template : Template > Theme Builder > Add New Template > Choose Template for Single Product Page > Name the Template.

01 elementor template 1

Step 2: Now use the shortcode with text editor option of Elementor.

rvx sc woo review

It will display like this type information.

rvx sc woo review 2

This shortcode also accepts some parameters, like graph=”off” list=”off” form=”off” , In such case, each related information will not be displayed.

If you want to display only the review form, then shortcode can be use like this, [rvx-woo-reviews graph=”off” list=”off” form=”on” ]

Your selected template will be displayed like this only review form.

rvx sc woo review 3

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