How To Enable Or Disable Review Filter In ReviewX

ReviewX gives you more flexibility in the review filter option for managing reviews. Now you can set each filter item by your own choice. To show the filter items [ like photo review, video review, top, low, text, etc. you just need to check the items.

Step 1: Enable Or Disable Review Filter #

Open your WordPress Dashboard then navigate to ‘ReviewX‘ → ‘WC Quick Setup’ → ’Settings’→ ’Enable filters’ option. From there tick on the review filter, you want to display in your review section. After making changes, click on the ‘Save & Next’ button. Similarly, you can disable any filter from there as well.

Review Filter

Step 2: Check Out The Your Filters #

Now, your customers can easily check all the reviews by choosing any filter. Your set filters will now be available on the single product page filter dropdown like this:

review filter

This is how simply you can enable or disable review filter in the Reviewx plugin. 

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