How To Manage Review Auto Approval Process

If you are already using the WooCommerce website, you know how spamming or biased reviews can cause harm to your website. To prevent it, ReviewX offers you an amazing feature called ‘Review Auto Approval’ to manage reviews. Using this feature you can turn off this option, your customers’ reviews will not get published unless you approve them. 

How To Manage WooCommerce Review Auto Approval Process #

Before you start, make sure you have activated the WooCommerce plugin on your website. Follow these step-by-step guidelines to find out how to enable your customers to share their recommendations with others. 

Step 1: Select WooCommerce Reviews Settings  #

First, you have to install and activate  ReviewX on your WordPress website. Then go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to ReviewX → Add New. Click on the ‘Settings’ tab.

Review Auto Approval Process

Step 2: Configure Settings To Manage Review Auto Approval Process  #

Next, toggle the option called ‘Review Auto Approval’ to prevent auto-approval of customer reviews. 

Review Auto Approval Process

Final Outcome #

This is how your customers will see how their reviews will be listed for approval. 

Review Auto Approval Process

This is how you can easily manage reviews on your WooCommerce website using ReviewX. 

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