How To Do Extensive Filtering On WooCommerce Website

If you are using ReviewX for collecting reviews on your product or service, you will get an amazing feature for extensive filtering of WooCommerce reviews on your site. Using this feature your customers can also filter their preferable type of reviews on your site. 

How To Do Extensive Filtering Of Customer Reviews  #

Make sure you have installed and activated the WooCommerce plugin on your site. Find out how you can extensively filterer the reviews on your site. 

Go to your product page on your website and click on the ‘Sort By’ drop down. You can choose from recent reviews, photo, video, text reviews, or top-rated and low-rated reviews. This way ReviewX will sort out the reviews according to your preference. 

How To Do Extensive Filtering

This is how you can easily do extensive filtering of your WooCommerce reviews using ReviewX. 

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