How To Manage Photo & Video Reviews In ReviewX

ReviewX provides the facility to give video & photo reviews for your WooCommerce store customers. A review can be more acceptable to others if there are relevant photos & videos with the review. As we provide video upload options, so a customer can upload the product video directly just from his mobile. Also, another option is available to share the external video.

Follow these simple steps to configure video and image reviews in your review section: 

Configure Photo Reviews & Video Reviews #

Go to WC Quick Setup → Settings. Toggle to enable Image Review option. Your visitor can now upload multiple images along with their review.

ReviewX offers separate settings to enable ‘External & Internal’ video sources when you enable video with the review. So now it’s your choice of how you want to receive the video with the review.

Based on your saved settings your customer will get the option to upload a video with the review.

Manage Photo & Video Reviews In ReviewX

Final Outcome #

The image & video upload option will reflect both the single product page review form and the order table review form.

Manage Photo & Video Reviews In ReviewX

This is how you can manage video & photo reviews in ReviewX. 

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