How To Export Product Reviews And Ratings From WooCommerce Store Using ReviewX

ReviewX introduced the amazing feature, export product ratings & reviews from the Woocommerce site. You can export rating & reviews from your current site or another site powered by WooCoomerce. This feature works to export all the product reviews, ratings, and related data with customizable options from one online store in an efficient manner.

Review export feature comes with a separate menu in ReviewX. Go to the ‘Review export’ menu and upon clicking it will open a page.

Get started & filter data #

After getting started, you can export all review-related data or filter data based on your requirements. You can select all reviews or some specific reviews from your database, reviews from a specific duration, or skip some reviews from the first. Reviews of a specific product, or all products, specific ratings, or a range of ratings can be selected.

ex 1
Filter export data

Customize and Select Column #

Select columns to export data as per your requirement, the column name is also customizable.

ex 2
Customizable column

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