How To Configure ReviewX Quick Setup

ReviewX allows you to increase your sales conversion by displaying the multi-criteria rating based product review on your WooCommerce based WordPress website. Through the Quick Setup, you can instantly create multiple criteria, design the review appearance and send an email to your customers to remind them to give a review for the product(s) they already purchased from your online shop. 

Let’s follow this guideline to get started with the Quick Setup of ReviewX:

Step 1: Navigate To ReviewX Quick Setup #

First of all, Log in to your eCommerce WordPress dashboard to configure ReviewX. Then from there navigate to wp-admin → ReviewX → WC Quick Setup. From here you can easily set up your multi-criteria ratings and reviews easily. 

Step 2: Setup Multi-Criteria Ratings #

In the ‘Criteria’ section, you can add the titles for multi-criteria ratings. Once you’re done, hit on the ‘Save’ button and continue to the next tab.

ReviewX Quick Setup

Step 2: Configure Review Settings #

After you have completed step 1, now time to configure the ‘Settings’. From the ‘Enable Order Status’ section, tick on the statutes when customers can provide a review. Set the review filter option from ‘Enable Filter(s)’. Turn on the image, video, anonymous review, recommendations, and others from the ‘Others’ section. Ready to move? then hit the ‘Save‘ button and continue to the next tab.

ReviewX Quick Setup

Step 3: Setup Review & Graph Display Themes #

From the ‘Display’ tab, you can control the appearance and visibility of your product reviews. You can choose the graph style, attachment alignment, template style, ratting type, and theme color. Afterward, click on the ‘Save & Next’  button and continue to the next tab.

ReviewX Quick Setup

Step 4: Add Review Reminder Email Contents #

This is a very quick and efficient step to send the review reminder email to your customer, who has already purchased items from your shop. You’ll find the built-in content with a ready-made email template to make your process faster. Press ‘Save & Send Email‘ to confirm the sending. You can also decide to set up the review reminder email later. To do so hit the ‘Skip Review Reminder Email‘.

Note: To send the review reminder email you have to make sure that your WordPress mail delivery is working properly. Don’t worry you can test that using WP Mail by WPForms plugin

ReviewX Quick Setup

Final Outcome

Great Job! Your multi-criteria based review system is ready to use! Before finishing the quick setup you can double-check the following of your enabled features. Afterward, click on the ‘Launch’ button, and your advanced multi-criteria based product review system is ready. You can browse the product review tab from any single product page.

ReviewX Quick Setup

Once you have initialized the ReviewX quick setup, you will automatically receive the review(s) from your customers on your product tab.

ReviewX Quick Setup

This is how you can easily extend your default review to a multi-criteria based advance review system with the ReviewX Quick Setup. Getting Stuck? Feel free to reach out to our Dedicated Support Team.

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