How to Add Google Reviews to Your Website using ReviewX

ReviewX allows its users to display reviews from their Google Business Profile on their websites. Which helps websites to get more positive impressions through this widget. Also, visitors will be able to provide Google Business Profile review directly from the website. 

Step 1: Get your Google Business Profile’s Place ID  #

First, you have to identify your Google Business Profile’s Place ID. To identify the Place ID use the Place ID Finder tools from Google. In the Place ID Finder tools search your desired location and select the place from the dropdown option. After selecting the place it will be displayed on the map with a Place ID as shown in the image, below. 


Step 2: Connect the Google Business Profile with ReviewX #

In this step, you have to connect your Google Business Profile with ReviewX using the place ID. Go to your website’s dashboard and navigate through ​​wp-admin -> ReviewX -> Google Review. Now put the Place ID in the designated field and press the save button. 

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Now, a shortcode will be displayed under the place ID and a widget will appear below. Just put the shortcode on a particular page where you want to display the widget.

Step 3: Use your Own Google API key  #

To update the review data on daily basis, you have to use your own Google API key in the given field.
Check this google documentation on how to create your own google API key. 

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