Shortcode To Display Review Star Rating With Count

ReviewX offers [rvx-star-count] shortcode to display the star rating with rating count.

Have multiple uses for this shortcode, below:

01. This shortcode can be used inside the loop. It will fetch the product-ID and will display the star rating with the rating count for the respective WooCommerce product.

02. This shortcode also accepts the Post-ID as a parameter [rvx-star-count post_id=’xx’], So you can also use the product-ID to get the star rating count from the specific product.

rvx 1 1

03. This shortcode also supports custom post types. All you need to do define the post id of that Custom Post Type: [rvx-star-count post_id=’xx’]

Having difficulties? Feel free to reach out to our Dedicated Support Team.

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