How to Filter Before Sending WooCommerce Review Reminder Email

ReviewX introduced advanced filtering option before sending WooCommerce review reminder email.

This feature is available in the Review Email section and also in the Quick Setup email tab section. While clicking on the ‘filter & Send Reminder’ button, a popup will appear, where you can filter email based on different conditions.

Filter based on order status & order date range :

ReviewX email filtering option gives you the flexibility to filter email based on different conditions and combinations. Email can be sent based on different order status and order date range. You just need to select the condition from the dropdown. Also, the custom date range is available for sending review reminder email.

[ Note: For sending emails based on order status, the order status must be enabled to give review. This option is available in Settings tab > Enable Order Status section.

If you select ‘last week’ from the order date range drop-down, it will apply from Monday to next Sunday. ]

rvx filter emails 1

Filter Products:

You can filter email based on product, category, product+category, special condition, you need to first check the filter product option, then the dropdowns will active.

Filter can be set based on single or multiple products or category. You can also set the condition based on combination of product and category, in this case you need to set ‘product+category’ from dropdown.

Special Condition:

Filtering email based on special condition, literally works on special criteria or condition.

If you select the most reviewed product, then the email will send to you customer, on that product which has more review in your store. Similarly lowest review works on which has lower number of review.

For, top rated product, email will send based on that product which has top rating. Here also if you select the lowest rated product, then email will send to give review on that product which has lowest rating.

New Schedule for Review Reminder Email:

ReviewX offers an amazing feature where you can set schedule to send automated review reminder email to your valued customer.

This option is available in Review Email > Reminder Emails tab, click on create new schedule button to create new schedule.

rvx schedule emails 1

Create new schedule based on the calendar date and time. The filtering option is just like previously described.

Having difficulties? Feel free to reach out to our Dedicated Support Team.

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