How To Use ReviewX With A Custom Post Types

ReviewX lets you use the advanced review system with any custom post types. Suppose, alongside WooCommerce product you also have ‘Movies’, ‘Books’, ‘Gadgets’, etc. post types, and you wan to use ReviewX

Interestingly ReviewX allows you to create different sets of criteria with different sets of review configurations for each of the post type, no inner dependency.

Check out this below guideline to see how to use ReviewX with a custom post types:

First of all, go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to ‘ReviewX > All ReviewX > Add New.’ Give a title for the new ReviewX, then select the ‘Custom Post Type’ from the drop-down, you want to collect review > Set the criteria of review > Set the options from ‘Settings’ > Set the design from ‘Design’ Tab > Publish the settings of ReviewX.

After all set, you need to publish the new ReviewX.

rvx cpt new

These settings will be displayed in your selected custom post type. and your visitor now can give a review.

rvx cpt view

If you want to use classic star rating, rather than multi-criteria, just disable the multi criteria option from ‘Criteria’ tab.

rvx cpt star rating

Need to edit your created ‘ReviewX’? Just hit the edit button under the title of ReviewX from All ReviewX.

You can also duplicate, delete, these ReviewX from this section. If you do not want to collect reviews for a specific custom post type. Just disable that custom post type.

rvx cpt edit

ReviewX also gives the option to collect reviews and ratings for WooCommerce, along with custom post type. but if you do not want it, just need to disable the option, then all WooCommerce related settings will be hidden from the menu.

rvx cpt wc disable

Please note, ReviewX uses post comment to extend it as review as WooCommerce does for the product review.

Checkout the Demo :

Having difficulties? Feel free to reach out to our Dedicated Support Team.

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