How To Purchase ReviewX Pro

ReviewX allows you to increase your sales conversion by displaying the multi-criteria based product review on your WooCommerce based WordPress website. To boost sales and make the product reviews more engaging you can purchase ReviewX Pro.

Follow this step-by-step guideline to get ReviewX Pro for your WordPress website: 

Step 1: Choose Your Suitable Pricing Plan #

 Go to the ReviewX website. Then, simply navigate to the ‘Pricing‘ section, pick a Pricing Plan, and click on the ‘Get Started’ Button.

Purchase ReviewX Pro

Step 2: Proceed To The Checkout #

You will be redirected to the ‘Checkout’ Page and ReviewX will be ‘Added to Cart’.

Purchase ReviewX Pro

Step 3: Select Your Payment Method #

Choose a ‘Payment Method’. Then, fill up the ‘Personal Information‘ and click on the ‘Purchase’ button.

Purchase ReviewX Pro

Provide your Card Information and click on the ‘Pay’ button.

Purchase ReviewX Pro

Step 4: Purchase ReviewX Pro Successfully #

After your payment is successfully done, you will be redirected to the ‘Purchase Confirmation’ page. You can download the ‘ReviewX Pro’ plugin from this page.

Purchase ReviewX Pro

This is how easily you can purchase ReviewX Pro. 

Getting Stuck? Feel free to reach out to our Dedicated Support Team.

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