How Does User-Generated Content Help To Boost Conversion Rates?

Want to learn how to effectively leverage unique and engaging user-generated content (UGC) to boost your marketing strategies and skyrocket sales? Then, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will walk you through the entire process of using ‘real’ content by users to raise social proof, credibility, and conversion with ease. 

User-generated content

In this generation of online shopping, customers prefer to shop from their homes’ comfort. And displaying positive, ‘real-life’, multicriteria product reviews left by existing users on your WooCommerce store or company website is the best way to gain trust from potential customers and promote your business. 

You will not only be able to easily build a positive reputation eCommerce page but also increase website engagement and interaction effortlessly by using UGC to your advantage. Interested to find out more? Let’s dive in further to find out more. 

Understanding The Effectiveness Of User-Generated Content

By definition, user-generated content (abbreviated as UGC) is any type of content — text, posts, images, videos, reviews, and more — that is created by the customers/users of a product or service and published online or on social network. It can range from product photo reviews online to dedicated blog posts on websites. 

The main focus here is that the review content is prepared and shared by the users and customers of the goods instead of the brand or company itself. This not only works as promotional content by users that markets the product to the world but also as an excellent source of social proof. 

Since online customers do not get to test the product physically before purchasing, most of them tend to check others’ reviews, comments, and feedback to ensure the authenticity of the product and the reliability of the business’ website. And as we already know, the basic idea of user-generated content is that the customers of the brand will provide genuine recommendations to other users helping them make the final purchasing decision.

User-generated content

In fact, several surveys show that more than 85% of the users are more likely to put their trust in the comments posted or photos taken by others, as compared to that of the manufacturer itself. 

So, as you can see, user-generated content brings a sense of authenticity to the products, inspires customer trust and engagement, and positively influences conversion rates. And the best part? UGC is extremely cost-effective. You can easily and significantly reduce the cost of hiring creative marketing teams to develop compelling content.

How To Leverage User-Generated Content To Boost Sales

So, now that you know how effective user-generated content actually is, it’s time we give you an overview of the many ways you can easily leverage this promotional content to boost your sales and conversions. 

User-generated content

Step 1: Set Goals For User-Generated Content

Even though UGC is, as the name suggests, created and shared on the internet by the users of your product, you need to plan specific goals and corresponding marketing strategies to successfully leverage user-generated content. 

Some common user-generated content goals you should set:

🤝 Building Credibility: According to the very recent research by the State of UGC 2021 Report, more than 93% of business owners agree that most consumers tend to put their trust in content created by other customers, much more than content created by brands. And therefore, posting UGC adds social proof to your company and establishes a sense of high credibility. 

🎯 Higher Brand Engagement: First and most important goal you need to target is maximized engagement among your brand followers, website visitors, and social media community. Display interactive and eye-catching content by customers to get your audience engaged and interested in purchasing your products. 

📊 Grow In SEO scores: Once the engagement rates increase, it’s time to strategize your marketing strategies to help grow your website’s SEO. Increased engagement, interactive video and photo reviews, backlinks from other posts will all lead to a soaring overall SEO score, ensuring there’s much higher traffic to your business.

🚀 Increased Conversion Rates: And finally, your ultimate goal should be to boost conversion rates. Use the user-generated content in a way that the photo and video reviews or blog posts ensure the potential customers are compelled to try out your products and convert to paying customers. 

✅ Step 2: Choose Where To Post UGC For Most Impact

If you have been a part of Instagram in recent years, you must have seen how most brands and business profiles feature images and short video clips shot by their customers which promote their products. Instagram is, in fact, one of the most commonly used social media platforms where user-generated content is posted on. You can also take this social media platform to share UGC of your products and services for most effect; it gets even more fruitful if you are able to show renowned personalities or social media influencers purchasing their products. 

But it’s not just Instagram you should be focusing on. Try to thoughtfully select all possible social media networking platforms (such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or even Tiktok) where your brand has a good number of followers or viewers and share meaningful, engaging user-generated content that will instantly catch viewers’ eyes and convert them.

✅ Step 3: Strategize To Get The Content That You Want

Strategize your marketing tactics in a way that you can ask for appropriate images or posts that advocate for your brand properly. Encourage customers to share UGC through social media contests, or campaign hashtags, and try to be transparent with your brand rules and regulations toward UGC.

Once you receive the content that you need, simply reshare or repost them to increase engagement or encourage others to follow suit. A recent report shows that 51% of consumers are more likely to engage with and/or purchase from a brand that shared its social posts on its digital marketing platforms.

✅ Step 4: Analyze & Improve User-Generated Content Tactics

Finally, make sure to regularly measure and analyze the statistics of how well the user-generated content is doing in the market in generating more views, traffic, and SEO scores. And then, based on your findings, invest in areas that can be improved more. 

Increase Conversion With Multi-Criteria Reviews From ReviewX 

User-generated content

And to instantly help you build your eCommerce website credibility by adding strong social proof evidence on WordPress with an advanced multi-criteria reviews system, we bring you the ultimate review plugin — ReviewX

Display honest customer reviews in multiple formats and add user-generated content on your eCommerce site attractively and grab the attention of viewers instantly with ReviewX. It is the perfect tool to help you to boost your eCommerce business sales and skyrocketing engagement within the shortest time period. 

Display Detailed Multi-Criteria Reviews To Build Credibility 

First up, you can effortlessly showcase powerful, detailed, and multi-criteria reviews for each of your products on your WordPress business website. You will be able to customize the plugin’s settings and collect customers’ reviews on any criteria you want – price, quality, services, delivery, and much more, as shown below. 

User-generated content

In the free version of the plugin, you will get the opportunity to create up to 3 different criteria while the paid subscription plans allow you the capability to create as many categories as you need. 

Showcase Stunning User-Generated Photo Reviews For Free

Now that we have discussed how you can easily add rating-based, multi-criteria customer reviews, it’s time we get into the user-generated image or video reviews. A product review might seem more genuine and acceptable to customers if it has ‘real-life’ images taken by other consumers attached to it. This not only brings social proof to your website and products, as mentioned many times earlier but can also be used to prove your business’s authenticity

With ReviewX, you can allow your customers to upload engaging photo reviews on your WooCommerce site with just a click. This amazing feature lets your customers attach a photo file with their reviews for each and every product individually that will be displayed on the product pages on your website. Potential customers and site visitors will get the opportunity to verify your products’ quality, color, shape, and much more based on the experiences of existing users.  

User-generated content

And with that, we must mention that with the advanced display customization feature of this ultimate plugin, you can choose photo review layouts to make your reviews look brilliant and in sync with your website aesthetics just the way you need. 

Add Reviews With Multiple Photos & Videos With ReviewX PRO

Subscribe to ReviewX PRO and take your multi-criteria reviews a notch higher by letting your customers attach videos along with not just one, but multiple images. With complete ease, you can configure the settings to allow your clients to upload video recordings from external or internal video sources. 

User-generated content

Share The Best Reviews To Garner More Audience

While ReviewX helps you collect reviews and feedback on your WooComerce website, it also brings you the amazing facilities to automatically share the reviews received on the top social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This way, you can share social proof reviews and catch existing customers’ eyes about all the new products available on your site directly from the product page. Moreover, you can also reach new, potential clients who have never been to your site too. 

User-generated content

And with that, we end our ultimate guide on how you can easily use the ultimate multi-criteria review plugin for WordPress to display stunning user-generated content on your website with complete ease. 

Bonus: 15 Ways To Get Product Reviews & Gain Customers’ Trust

But before we leave, we want to share with you the top 15 best strategies you can use to get more user-generated product reviews from your customers and build social proof and credibility with ease. 

User-generated content

Some of the most important and proven ways to garner reviews are as below: 

⭐ Preview product reviews on important web pages

⭐ Provide the option of multi-criteria rating to products

⭐ Run review reminder email campaigns

⭐ Run promotion & discount campaigns on product reviews

⭐ Response back to the customer reviews asap

Learn the rest of the methods and much more from our detailed blog on how to get product reviews from here, and skyrocket your business’ sales effortlessly. Or, take your time to build a complete customer testimonial page that will surely convert website visitors by following our complete guide. 

Hope this blog is useful to you in growing your business with user-generated content. You can share your thoughts and feedback with us easily via comments or by joining our Facebook community. And to be the first to get updates on upcoming blogs, and tutorials, subscribe to our blog

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