15 Proven Ways To Get Product Reviews & Gain Customer Trust To Boost Sales

When you are trying to boost sales, the first step is to gain customer trust and the second is to get product reviews for your eCommerce website. There is a huge difference between running physical stores and online businesses. And when you are running an eCommerce business, customers cannot directly interact with you at your store. You have to then try at effective online marketing tactics to build credibility among your online customers.

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If you are a beginner in the world of the eCommerce business, then it will cost you a fortune to boost sales. Today we will focus on the proven ways to gain customer trust and get product reviews right away.

🤔 Why Is It Important To Gain Customer Trust?

In online business, customer trust plays an utmost important role. Your customers can’t communicate with you directly in person on your eCommerce website. Moreover, they can’t find out your most selling and least selling products from your online business. And customers can’t gain trust on your eCommerce website just after visiting. 

Customer trust is directly related to your eCommerce website revenue-generating. When customers will gain trust in your website, they will feel confident to buy from and most importantly will refer other potential customers. If your brand is trustworthy to customers, then you can easily get more traffic to your website which will help you to boost sales.

According to the statistics of HubSpot, 93% of customers are eager to buy a second time from the same eCommerce website if they get the best service and can trust the seller. So considering all these aspects, it’s always important to gain customer trust. 

Why Are Product Reviews Vital For Social Proof? 

Getting more product reviews and gaining customer trust is the element of the same business. If you can build credibility among your customers, they will be happy to give insightful product reviews for your customers. And when your eCommerce website will have lots of product reviews, that will help you to gain customer trust.

The tactics that easily influence others to do the same are known as social proof. The concept of social proof ties in with our deep-rooted desire for belonging. Reviewing, testimonials, celebrity endorsements, and influencer marketing are some of the aspects of social proof strategies.

Nearly 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. That’s why product reviews play a vital role in social proof strategy. With the right and proven way, you can easily utilize this social proof and get more. 

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7 Best Practices To Gain Customer Trust To Boost Sales

Boosting your online business requires you to minimize acquisition costs and increase revenue. The cost of earning a new customer is five times greater than the cost of keeping an existing customer. Retention of customers is much more cost-effective than constant acquisition thanks to customer trust. How to gain customer trust easily? Using these proven tips, you can gain customer trust and confidence while presenting a charismatic appearance.

1. Always Try To Maintain Transparency

Gaining your customers’ trust isn’t something you can simply do; it must be earned. As a company, you should think about being open and transparent about your products and what you can expect from your customers. We advise that you avoid making overblown claims that you’ve invented the greatest invention ever. Modern customers are wise to spot loopholes. Let’s just be straightforward.

Ensure that your customers have all the details about your products, including clear pricing information and the potential for limitations. This will allow them to make the right decision. Customers with a sense of competence are more likely to build credibility and to return.

2. Have Clear Idea About Your Niche Audience

When you fully understand your customers’ needs, their common pain points, and their issues, you can customize solutions and messages that speak to them on an individual level. Providing services that provide a solution to their problems along with added value increases customers’ trust.

3. Be Available For Customer Communications Always

Since you cannot communicate directly with your customers in an online business. So, you must provide a channel through which they can communicate. Statistics from KoMarketing state that 44% of website visitors will leave a website if the company’s contact information is not provided. To gain customer trust, you must provide communication way to you and maintain that regularly. 

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4. Provide Friendly Customer  Service

Trust and loyalty can be influenced by how your company handles its customers. Because of that, hiring trained, dedicated support staff, is crucial. It is your goal to consistently provide a professional, efficient service to our customers. The more your team goes above and beyond for them, the more likely they are to come back and recommend you to friends and family.

5. Put Your Customers On Judge Seat 

The main purpose of your eCommerce website is to serve your customers with their essentials. As a result, customers know what they want the best and how to get it. Thus, if you let your customers evaluate your products and services, that helps to gain their trust. Furthermore, it makes them feel like they’re a part of your team. You can share evaluation forms with customers via emails, pop-ups, and so on. 

6. Promote Other Customers Reviews Interactively

Consumers claim that online reviews influenced their purchasing decisions 93% of the time. You can maximize the power of product reviews by displaying them on your eCommerce website. Engaging in social media marketing, and responding to reviews in a timely and professional manner, will help you build trust. Share your success with the world to secure the social proof you need to persuade new and existing customers to trust your company. 

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7. Focus On Customers Image & Video Product Reviews

Adding a multimedia touch to word-of-mouth marketing, video, and image testimonials are compelling ways to demonstrate your products’ value and prowess. Consumers prefer unbiased opinions to corporate messaging, so testimonial videos can be a helpful onboarding method. When you showcase the image and video testimonials, it makes it easier for potential customers to visualize and eventually build credibility. 

Retailers will also be able to expand in the multibillion-dollar eCommerce market thanks to Metaverse. Technology and its inventions have drastically changed the eCommerce industry. An ever-growing network of 3D visualization, real-time virtual worlds, and digital channels are available through the development of metaverse store setup. And you can also collect visualized reviews for that.

8 Proven Ways To Get Product Reviews For Your eCommerce Website

You will certainly gain customer trust by using the above-mentioned proven ways, which will have a positive impact on getting product reviews as well. It’s time to focus on how to get product reviews and boost sales. The best strategy to do that is implementing social proof examples. Let’s explore 9 proven ways to get product reviews for your eCommerce website. 

“54% of consumers visit an eCommerce website after reading a positive review.”

1. Give Customers An Easy Way To Leave Product Reviews

When a customer needs to be provided product reviews in multiple steps, the enthusiasm is diminished, and thereby fewer reviews are received on your eCommerce website. Making customers’ reviews provide a seamless journey will help you to boost product reviews. To do that, you can provide the opportunity to give anonymous reviews, subscribers provide reviews in one click and many more. 

2. Preview Product Reviews On Important Web Pages

The most common excuse eCommerce website customers give about not leaving reviews is that they didn’t find the place where to add product reviews. To get product reviews, you have to put the form to the easiest places as well as make the product review process smooth. For example, you can add product reviews from the product details page, checkout page, or even through popups whenever customers come back to your eCommerce site again. 

3. Provide The Option Of Multi-Criteria Rating To Products

Every product of your eCommerce website has multiple features, like good quality, affordable prices, created with advanced technology, and many more. Upon receiving their purchased products, clients wish to express their thoughts based on a variety of factors. When you implement a multi-criteria rating system, it makes it easier for customers to share their feedback, thus increasing product reviews. 

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4. Run Review Reminder Email Campaigns

Though your customers are satisfied with your eCommerce website products, it’s normal to forget about giving product reviews. To fill this gap running email campaigns for product reviews reminder works like magnets. This social proof will help you to get insightful product reviews easily. 

5. Run Promotion & Discount Campaigns On Product Reviews

Whenever your customers provide you with authentic product reviews, you can offer them special discount coupons or promotional prizes. And this will spur your other customers to share their valuable product reviews on your eCommerce website as well. This social proof strategy has tended to zero failure rate. The interactive promotions can be run through your website notice bar, popups, and most importantly, through social media platforms.  

6. Response Back To The Customer Reviews ASAP

Your eCommerce website will gain outstanding sales if you are in constant communication with your customers. Providing immediate feedback to your customers’ product reviews will encourage them to share more reviews as well as influence other customers to do the same. If you aren’t practicing this social proof strategy, then get started from today.  

7. Highlight The Most Helpful Reviews

It is another popular social proof strategy to boost product reviews. If you can highlight the most useful reviews regarding your eCommerce website, it will influence other customers to give positive and meaningful reviews. 

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8. Able To Put Reactions On Other Customer Reviews 

You will start receiving product reviews, some of which will be insightful, while some will be spam and add no value. Adding the feature that allows customers to put both positive and negative reactions can help encourage them to write resourceful reviews on your products. As a result, you will increase customer interaction on your website, which will lead to boost sales as well as SEO rankings.

ReviewX: Most Powerful WooCommerce Reviews & Ratings Solution

product reviews WooCommerce ReviewX

Only by learning the proven methods of gaining customer trust and product reviews will you be able to increase revenue, unless you implement them. The practice of these methods in an unstructured way will not significantly boost sales. If you want to grow your online business strategically, then you will need to get the best tool for managing an eCommerce website.  

If your eCommerce website is WoCommerce built then the best business tool to grab is ReviewX. It’s a popular marketing and multi-criteria review managing WordPress plugin. You can acquire product reviews as well customer trust with this splendid tool thanks to all the exclusive features. 

Let’s take a glimpse at what proven business tactics you can practice with its stunning features:

⭐ ReviewX provides the opportunity to give multi-criteria ratings for your products.

⭐ Customers can easily attach product images, videos to their product reviews.

⭐ Customers can provide reviews anonymously or in other ways that they feel comfortable with. 

⭐ To boost product reviews, you can easily automate emails from the same dashboard. 

⭐ You can highlight the most insightful product reviews and feature them. 

⭐ Your customers can easily like or dislike other customers’ reviews truthfully. 

⭐ Create interactive popups to showcase your product sales count, customer engagement, product reviews, etc. 

And the list can go on. Your WooCommerce site can be easily integrated with ReviewX to increase sales with just a few clicks. So if you need any help, you can easily communicate with ReviewX dedicated support team.

How excited are you to revamp your marketing strategy with these awesome tactics to gain customer trust and a product review? You can share your thoughts and ideas easily via comments or by joining our Facebook community. And to be the first to get updates on upcoming blogs, and tutorials, subscribe to our blog

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