Best 10+ Advanced WooCommerce Product Widgets for Elementor Addon

When you are up for designing a WooCommerce store in Elementor you must need the right WooCommerce product widgets to get it right. Using the WooCommerce widgets for Elementor you can create high-converting eCommerce stores with ease. In this blog, we will introduce you to some amazing WooCommerce widgets that will help you design a stunning eCommerce store. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

WooCommerce Product Widgets

Why Do You Need WooCommerce Product Widgets For Elementor Addon

The Elementor website builder helps the users to create any website without any coding. If you want to design a WooCommerce website in Elementor, you need to have the essential widgets activated on your website. Without the WooCommerce product widgets, you will not be able to improve the design of the product section and pages that will easily convert your visitors. Now, let’s have a quick glimpse of why you should have WooCommerce product widgets below:

  • Customize WooCommerce pages just the way you want
  • Build a high-converting WooCommerce website
  • Add advanced features to your store
  • Provide an amazing shopping experience to your customers
  • Showcase your product stunningly 
  • Ready-made preset to ease your development process

Best 10+ Advanced WooCommerce Product Widgets For Your Store

While building an eCommerce store, having Elementor WooCommerce widgets will make your web-building experience easier. As both the Elementor and Essential Addons for Elementor (EA) come with all the stunning WooCommerce product widgets that you need to create your store, we have featured them here in our blog.

You don’t have to write any code to customize your WooCommerce store while using these Elementor product widgets. Instead, you will find ready presets to build your dream store at ease. Now, let’s explore the WooCommerce widgets for Elementor that you should use while designing your store in Elementor below.

1. EA Woo Product Slider

WooCommerce Product Widgets

Showing eCommerce products on the slider can help you to showcase your products stunningly on your website. Essential Addons for Elementor comes with an amazing WooCommerce product slider that will make your store dynamic and engage your visitors easily. It also comes with different layouts to showcase all of your products in a slider with creativity and convert your visitors into customers. 

2. EA Woo Product Carousel

WooCommerce Product Widgets

Similar to the product slider, Woo Product Carousel from Essential Addons can help you to display your products beautifully on your website. This advanced WooCommerce product widget can help you to make your website more interactive and keep your visitors engaged with your store. You will also find stunning presets to showcase your product just the way you want.

3. EA Woo Product Gallery

WooCommerce Product Widgets

While building an eCommerce site, you need to display your product in an organized way with an attractive outlook. The Woo Product Gallery from Essential Addons comes with different ready presets to give you the ultimate freedom to build the product page of your eCommerce store just like you have dreamed. 

4. EA Woo Product Compare

Introducing EA WooCommerce Product Compare Widget For Elementor Page Builder

Product comparison can help you to provide a better experience to your customers. They can easily compare different products and make their purchase decision. Using the Woo Product Compare widget from Essential Addons, you can build a detailed product comparison chart and let your customers make their decisions at ease. 

5. EA Woo Product Collections

WooCommerce Product Widgets

As the competition is very high in the eCommerce business, you must be creative enough to impress your visitors once they come to your website. Using Woo Product Collections you can showcase the categories of your products anywhere on your website and easily attract your visitors to explore all of your products. In addition, style your categories and showcase your products with different attributes at ease. 

6. EA Woo Product Grid

WooCommerce Product Widgets

A product grid can help you to showcase your best-selling products to your visitors anywhere you like. Using the Woo Product Grid you will be able select products by category, tags, or different attributes and display them on your WooCommerce website. Besides, this WooCommerce product widget will help you to beautify your store through amazing ready-made presets. So, it could be a really handy tool for you.

7. EA Woo Cart

WooCommerce Product Widgets

In eCommerce stores, you must be very professional about every little element. While product showcasing is important, you need to design a nice and clean cart page to provide the best user experience for your customers. Using the Woo Cart widget for WooCommerce, you can easily create a stylish cart page for your store. In addition, you can add the option to add coupon codes and boost your sales with ease.

8. EA Woo Checkout

WooCommerce Product Widgets

Similarly, while running an eCommerce store, you should add a professional checkout page to help your visitors to make the purchase at ease. Using the Woo Checkout widget, you create a magnificent checkout page that boosts your revenue without any hassle. Thus, you can provide an elegant checkout experience for your customers at ease.

9. Elementor Product Rating

Elementor comes with a handy single Product Rating feature to style and position the product rating on your website. This advanced WooCommerce product widget will give you all the freedom to style your font, color, typography, etc. to design your product rating on your store. So, you can easily increase the credibility of your business and boost your sales at ease. 

10. Elementor Upsells

If you want to boost the revenue of your eCommerce store, adding an upsell feature could be a great idea. Elementor comes with an Upsells widget that will help you to suggest relatively higher quality and priced products to your customers. So, you can convince your customers to purchase higher-priced products easily.

11. Elementor Product Related

Similar to the Upsells widget, Elementor’s Product Related widget can help you to boost the revenue of your eCommerce store easily. You can showcase all the relevant products of your store once the customer views any product and influence them to purchase more from your store at ease. 

12. Elementor Product Content

Showcasing product content in a visually appealing way is as important as writing compelling product descriptions. With Elementor’s Product Content widget you can easily style your product descriptions and make your WooCommerce store stand out from the crowd. You will find the options to personalize the alignment, typography, color, etc. without any hassle. 

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Boost Your Revenue With A Stunning WooCommerce Store

We have introduced you to all the WooCommerce product widgets for Elementor that you need to design a high-converting eCommerce store. Now, try out these WooCommerce widgets for Elementor and provide the best user experience for your customers. 

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