ReviewX PRO 1.4.1: Introducing Hide Reviewer’s Name Feature with Several Updates and Fixes

Hide Reviewers Name Release Note Website Banner

Hi Guys! Finally, the wait is over! The time has come for something new!

Have you ever wondered why customers are so reluctant to give a review even after receiving an excellent product or service? Yes, there are a number of reasons for this reluctance. Among them, a significant one is Privacy Concerns! Many of us do not want to expose our identity while giving a review, even if it is only our name. To counter this challenge, we have introduced a long-awaited feature called “Hide Reviewer’s Name” in ReviewX PRO

Also, as always we brought you several feature updates and fixes for ReviewX PRO.

So without wasting any more time, let’s explore what’s new in ReviewX PRO!

New – Hide Reviewer Name

Fix – Divi theme description error issue

Fix – PHP 8 deprecated issue

Fix – Divi theme tab error issue

Fix – PHP 8 warning issue

Wrapping up

There you have it. We improved and fixed much-needed features and added a much-desired feature, “Hide Reviewer’s Name” So we hope that you’ll have a better experience with ReviewX PRO, and we wish to be back again soon! So don’t forget to share your feature ideas with us through our Official Facebook Group.

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