How To Display Multi-Criteria Customer Reviews In Oxygen Builder

Did you know that page-building plugins are the most popular ones among WordPress users? That’s why compatibility with multiple page builders has become essential for ReviewX to display multi-criteria customer reviews on your website. If you are an Oxygen Builder user, fret not! Dive in and discover how you can use ReviewX to collect reviews from your customers. 

Top Reasons To Get ReviewX For Your Website 

If you have a WooCommerce website built with Oxygen Builder, you can use several marketing tools to boost your website traffic. In that case, get your hands on marketing plugins that you can find in WordPress and increase your sales. ReviewX is one of the best marketing plugins to build credibility by getting multi-criteria customer reviews. Let’s see what other benefits you can get from using ReviewX for your website below: 

Increase Social Proof To Boost Sales 

Social proof is the most essential and practical technique to attract more customers to any WooCommerce website. When you show feedback from previous customers to new potential consumers, it creates the ‘FOMO effect,‘ which stands for the fear of missing out. They’ll discover the advantages of using your products or services. As a result, social proof is critical for your website, and ReviewX allows you to show reviews in the same way. 

multi-criteria customer reviews

Help Customers To Take Purchase Decision

One of the most important factors in a customer’s buying choice is user-generated content. Detailed product reviews, comments, video or image reviews of your items, and more are examples of this type of content. You can easily gather high-quality, thorough, and informative user-generated content for your WooCommerce products with ReviewX.

However, in order to maximize the value of these multi-criteria reviews and ratings, you should make them available on your eCommerce site as well as other online platforms. No matter if you are using Oxygen builder or Elementor, you can use ReviewX to show multi-criteria reviews.  

multi-criteria customer reviews

Raise Website Activity Through ReviewX 

Taking multi-criteria reviews also has the goal of increasing customer engagement with your content or page. When you show or display multi-criteria reviews from other people on your site, your customers will feel compelled to express their thoughts on your product as well. As a result, your website will receive a lot of attention, which will lead to an increase in the site activity. 

Run Promotional Campaigns Through Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential to promoting your products or services if your company has an online presence. Social proof marketing is a digital marketing technique in and of itself. Because you’re leveraging previous sales, customer reviews, and other things to establish a reputation and increase sales from new customers. As a result of social proof, running successful promotional campaigns will be easier because people will have greater faith in your company. 

multi-criteria customer reviews

Now you know why showing multi-criteria reviews is important for your WooCommerce business. Even if you are using Oxygen Builder as your main page builder, you can start using the ReviewX plugin to collect and display customer testimonials easily. Let’s see how to get started with ReviewX with Oxygen Builder.

Guide: How To Display Multi-criteria Reviews Using ReviewX In Oxygen Builder

Oxygen Builder is one of the finest visual builders to create a website. When you are getting a review collecting plugin completely compatible with this page builder, you will have zero obstacles to promoting your website through social proof marketing. Check out this step by step guide to start using ReviewX with Oxygen Builder below:

Step 1: Install And Activate Necessary Plugins 

The first and most important step is to install and activate all of the necessary WordPress plugins. WooCommerce, ReviewX, and Oxygen Builder are all required plugins in WordPress. Get started with them after successfully activating them.

multi-criteria customer reviews

Step 2: Create Template Inside Of Oxygen Builder 

The best part of using Oxygen Builder is that you do not need to have a WordPress theme for your website, instead, you can create a template inside of it that will be applicable to the whole website. So the second step will be to create a review-taking template for a single product. Now click on ReviewX and enable WooCommerce by toggling the option. 

multi-criteria customer reviews

Now click on the Oxygen from the left sidebar, and choose the ‘Templates’ option. After that click on the ‘Add New Template’ button. Give a suitable name to the template and choose the ‘Products’ option from the Singular page dropdown. Click on the ‘Publish’ button when you are done with it. 

multi-criteria customer reviews

Now click on the ‘Edit With Oxygen’ button that will appear on your screen. It will redirect you to the Oxygen Page Builder. 

multi-criteria customer reviews

When you are already inside of Oxygen builder, click on the ‘Add’ button from above and hit the ‘Basic’ drop-down option. 

multi-criteria customer reviews

Now click on the WooCommerce tab and find the ‘ReviewX Product Tabs’ and  ‘ReviewX Woo Review’ elements from the options. You need to insert a ‘ReviewX Woo Review’ element on your page. 

multi-criteria customer reviews

Step 3: Explore All The Customization Options

You may now personalize each section of ReviewX using the ReviewX Product Tabs. You can choose between classic and box design templates, for example.  The review statistics tab allows you to alter review data such as star rating size, color, highest rating typography, recommendation number, text, and typography. 

multi-criteria customer reviews

The graph section is where you can change things like font, color, graph bar color, design, and typography. 

multi-criteria customer reviews

The entire filtering bar, including Dropdown Background Color, Filter Background Color, Dropdown Box-shadow, Text Color, Typography, Filter Background Color, Text Color, and so on, can be modified from here. 

multi-criteria customer reviews

Different rating styles can be specified under the ‘Review Form tab’, including Rating Icon Color, Rating Icon Size, Recommendation Icon Color, Submit Button Typography, Submit Button Background Color, and Radius.

multi-criteria customer reviews

When you are done with it, click on the ‘Save’ button from the top right corner. Now your website will show sections to collect multi-criteria reviews. 

This is how you can use ReviewX with Oxygen Builder to effortlessly collect and display multi-criteria reviews. You may use these compatibility features to add appropriate parameters to your review section to make it more user-friendly for your website visitors.

We hope you find this blog to be helpful in making your ReviewX experience more convenient. So, if you haven’t used ReviewX with  Oxygen Builder for your WooCommerce site yet, give it a shot and let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to join the Facebook Community to connect with other WordPress users, and contact our customer service team if you have any issues.

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