5 Most Credible Review Platforms To Collect Customer Feedback

The recent emergence of review platforms plays a huge role in accelerating your online and offline eCommerce business growth. But picking up the most credible review platforms is not a cup of tea from thousands on online platforms. Therefore, today we will look at the most popular review platforms where you should focus on collecting customer feedback. 

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Customers play the main role in the eCommerce business. So reaching out to niche customers, nurturing them, and finally converting them into retainable customers is the ultimate goal. At the same time, the availability of free customer review sites also starts creating an impact on business. As they are easier to collect customer reviews and at the present, most people look for services and products both online.

Even before the internet invasion, collecting customer reviews was popular. In those times, businesses used to collect written reviews or focused on ‘word of mouth’ strategies. At present, those all are replaced by customer review platforms. 

Discover How Customer Reviews Can Impact Your Business

Before jumping to the list of popular & credible customer review sites, let’s check out in-depth why we are promoting to collect customer feedback. Check out the top reasons why you should emphasize collecting customer feedback. 

Build Credibility Among Potential Customers

At the beginning of every business, the most common question asked is ‘Why should you trust your company?’. In offline stores, you get the chance to talk to the potential customers face facing which helps to build credibility. But among billions of websites, it’s not easy to represent your company website as the credible one. In this kind of situation, if you could manage authentic customer reviews, that will influence others to build trust. 

Helps To Skyrocket Purchasing Decision

It is a huge part of our human psyche to follow others’ trends! You will be surprised to know that more than 90% of customers make their buying decisions based on other customers’ reviews. So collecting customer feedback will directly impact your business sales. When your company is able to get huge traction in customer review sites, that will influence the potential customers to trust you and eventually become your customer for life. 

Improve Organic Search Ranking For SEO

To skyrocket your sales, get huge engagement on business websites, it’s important to rank in the search engines. So whenever customers search for related things, they end up landing on your website. Adding blogs with proper keywords and backlinks is an important part of ranking higher. But if you could manage organic customer reviews from multiple review platforms, that will help search engines to treat your website as a resourceful one and rank higher. 

Helps In Enhancing Product Quality & Features

Collecting customer feedback from multiple review sites also helps to improve your product and service quality. Even you can come across some innovative features ideas as well. How so? When customers feel comfortable giving reviews on multiple review sites, well-wishers don’t forget to give future improvement ideas as well. Moreover, you can turn negative reviews as your resource to improvements also. Thus customers can create an impact on your product enhancements through feedback. 

What Is A Review Platform? 

Now time to check out which sites we are going to consider as review platforms. According to recent UX trends, most business websites include customer review forms to their websites to directly collect customer feedback. Apart from these, there are also dedicated sites where people visit only to check out what others are saying. These kinds of sites are considered as review platforms. 1l8YfcZfp6BapjIroJNMfmqMSU487z4socoRhBfiVW5Wsf9aS6LORaw7PTbNeDoDv4sH2lp7PlkKKHA392ZTvMyHiSVIqdXnwFnlBObU2hK2xl9b1Nmd11 JCiOZMJ6qCFkSFaLo

Another important thing is that customer review sites are not always the only target to collect reviews. These sites are popular as review platforms due to their huge customer engagement and influence on people’s daily life. 

Here Is The List Of 5 Most Credible Review Platforms 

Time to share the list of the most popular and credible customer review sites with you. We selected these platforms based on their SEO ranking, impact on everyday life, and how easily they can be managed. So let’s get started.  


In recent times, Facebook is the most popular social media platform. And now people are using this platform not only for social networking but also for speeding business, creating an online identity for your business, recruiting candidates, and many more. Among all the versatile purposes, collecting customer feedback is also a popular one. Here is the review site on Facebook of BMW.GVMTfdT9dgE9Rfbi2wXGF24tqL1P bfefX5hgl XnNt8C0YPcdRmcqkBO875qEDKptnktmlDSBR8QFNAAepPWz0gecCUuB A 2rfDDzU3FxVyB5ochWEu1Y6P9UJD 1H U4ZVZp5

Most importantly, almost everyone has their own Facebook profile. So when you promote to collect customer reviews, it will be easier for them to give reviews without logging in to any other 3rd party platforms. 

Another thing is Facebook is completely free for users. And you can create your business landing page with all the essential functions without any hassle. That’s why Facebook is getting more popular day by day as a customer review platform.


Yelp is a customer review platform where users can publish customer feedback about local businesses. This amazing customer review site also offers training on how to respond to reviews, hosts social events for Yelp users, and provides data about businesses including health inspection scores. 

It now has over 102 million reviews, which makes Yelp synonymous with business reviews. With Yelp becoming the world’s largest outlet for online customer reviews, small businesses might want to start paying attention to what their customers are saying online and, specifically, to their Yelp ratings. Here is the customer review site of a Gucci outlet in Yelp.os9k TUBPVnEMzlK3

Google My Business

You might be wondering how you can utilize a search engine as a customer review platform! Let’s get into that. Apart from being the most popular search engine, Google provides another service for business owners, Google My Business. This customer review site lets you create landing pages for your business. Promote both searchers and customers to give reviews as local hosts. 

At present, Google reviews are counted as the most authentic customer feedback. And most importantly, you can push your customers to give reviews for free on Google My Business. Google also provides scores for reviewers, which will also promote getting customer reviews seamlessly. 

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BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Businesses, brands, and charities that can be trusted can be found and recommended by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This review platform provides consumers and local businesses with business ratings and reviews, assisting them in finding trusted companies. By protecting consumers from scams and fraudulent business, the Better Business Bureau aims to reduce the number of frauds on the streets. You can easily create a company profile here and that will be easier for customers to give feedback and check out as well.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages offers free business listings, allowing businesses to control the reviews placed about their company on the site. As a result of its transition from paper to digital, Yellow Pages now provides local marketing and reviews for businesses online. This customer review site doesn’t provide as many new customers as they used to in the past when print books ruled, but don’t forget to claim your business in the yellow pages. 

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Special Mention Of Other Popular Customer Review Sites

Apart from these popular review platforms, there are more versatile sites where customers visit to check out reviews as well. Here we’ve listed down these kinds of customer review sites so that you can build a strategy to focus on them as well.


TripAdvisor is mainly a travel guide platform that will provide you with all the information about particular places. Also, there is an option to provide customer feedback for a specific place, restaurant, hotel, and so on. If you are related to the restaurant or hotel business then definitely TripAdvisor will help you to accelerate your business. These insightful reviews will work as social proof to get you more customers. 

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Technically GlassDoor isn’t a customer review site, it is basically an employee review site. From this review platform, you can get a detailed idea about how the work environment is, how the candidate screening is processed, and so on. To promote your company branding, get the right talent for your company, and most importantly to rank in search engines, you should also focus on this review platform. And work to influence happy customers to provide feedback there. 

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Amazon is considered the largest eCommerce multi-vendor platform. Apart from selling versatile things, it provides the chance to collect customer feedback. So if you have an online store on Amazon or your products are selling on Amazon, then you should promote the review site to get happy customers’ reviews. That will help you to build credibility. In another way, if you are selling a similar product that already is available on Amazon, then you can also promote those reviews to gain the trust of your customers easily. 

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5 Effective Tips To Collect Customer Feedback Effortlessly

After getting acknowledged for the most effective and credible review platforms, the next step is to promote them to collect customer feedback. Getting customer reviews needs proper planning and the right strategy. Here we have pointed out the 5 proven & tested tips to collect customer reviews seamlessly. 

⭐ Get Started With Customer Feedback Tools

⭐ Be More Active On Social Media Platforms

⭐ Use Social Proof Tactics To Influence Customers

⭐ Automate Email Campaign To Collect Customer Reviews

⭐ Reach Out To Customers For Direct Communication

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Create Great Impact In Your Business With Resourceful Customer Reviews

Customer reviews help in multiple ways to accelerate your business. So focusing on them is important no matter what kind of business you own. So why are you waiting? Get started to collect impactful customer reviews and boost your business growth right away. To get these kinds of insightful blogs, tips & tricks, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog

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