Top 5 Best WooCommerce Smart Coupon Plugins To Boost Sales [2023]

If you are owning a WooCommerce store, you have to be familiar with coupon deals. This is because you have to provide random sales, discounts, offers, and more to engage your customers and boost sales. Among them, coupon deals are one of the popular deals that eCommerce customers are fond of. And for WooCommerce stores it creates hassle if you aren’t aware of using the best WooCommerce smart coupon plugins and all.  

5 Best WooCommerce Smart Coupon Plugins

Excited? In this blog, you will get to know the top 5 best WooCommerce smart coupon deal plugins and get the best suitable one for your eCommerce store. Check out all details below!

More About Using WooCommerce Coupon Plugins

5 Best WooCommerce Smart Coupon Plugins

With thousands of hassles to managing your eCommerce store in advance, you have to be careful about setting up deals with or without coupons. And for coupon deals, you have to set up the coupon and check if it functions well or not. Because your offer’s success will depend on your customers’ smooth experience applying coupons and purchasing your products during sales. 

For example, on Black Friday, Christmas, or Holiday Sales – coupon deals are the most popular ones. You can set up rules and analyze sales conversion in detail. This is considered one of the fine tactics to make your eCommerce business more competitive and accordingly accelerate sales.  

WooCommerce smart coupon plugin also provides flexibility to customize coupon deals and manage all deals effectively. Not only this, you can set coupon restrictions for your specific eCommerce products or categories, and focus on creating quantity-based discount coupons with a lot more. So you have full control over deals that help you to run your deals without any interruption or extra effort. Check out some more reasons to use coupons with deals in brief below:

  • Coupons help to drive your customers to your eCommerce business and also draw potential customer attention to your products. 
  • Coupons also help you launch new products and encourage your customers to get attached to your product or service. 
  • Random coupon deals help you get back your old customers in a new way and a lot more to look at.  

As per Statistica survey,88% of survey respondents in the United States stated that they had used coupons for shopping, a decrease of six percent compared to the previous year.” 

Top 5 Best WooCommerce Smart Coupons Plugins To Boost Sales [2023]

Without any ado, let’s find out the top 5 best WooCommerce smart coupon plugins that will help you to boost your eCommerce sales this year in 2023. Get all details below:

Smart Coupons For WooCommerce Coupons

5 Best WooCommerce Smart Coupon Plugins

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce is one of the best WooCommerce smart coupon plugins that comes with advanced customization options to look at. You can provide a variety of coupon restrictions, enable auto-apply for coupons, giveaways, easy coupon management, and more. You can get both a free and affordable premium version of this solution. 

Key Features Of Smart Coupons 

  • Get categorizing, setting up, and advanced customization for managing coupons.
  • Auto applies coupons and is completely compatible with My Account pages.
  • Variety of options & set up coupons for checkout-based, giveaway, quantity-based, and more.

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons

5 Best WooCommerce Smart Coupon Plugins

Advanced Coupons is another best WooCommerce smart coupon plugin for managing your eCommerce stores or any type of discount offer. It comes with exclusive features to set up your smart coupon options like buy-one-get-one deals, coupon URLs, cart conditions options, and more. This coupon plugin is available on both free and premium versions. 

Key Features Of Advanced Coupons 

  • Easily offer BOGO deals using this plugin.
  • Comes coupon creation, categorization, and customization options.
  • Smart cart conditions, URL coupons & coupon categories.
  • Create role-based WooCommerce coupons & a lot more.

Coupon Generator For WooCommerce

5 Best WooCommerce Smart Coupon Plugins

Coupon Generator helps you set up and generate tens of thousands of coupons at a time. It is considered one of the popular and flexible WooCommerce smart coupon plugins that can easily manage your eCommerce store coupon deals and boost sales. You just have to follow 3 easy steps to include your desired coupons. This solution is absolutely free. 

Key Features Of Coupon Generator

  • Easy-to-use, flexible and user-friendly solution. 
  • Following some simple steps generates thousands of coupons.
  • Get an update about your coupon generation process by the time with a lot more to explore.   

WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features FREE

5 Best WooCommerce Smart Coupon Plugins

WooCommerce Extended Coupon plugin helps you to add advanced functionality to your coupon deals and allows automatic discount rules. This WooCommerce smart coupon plugin is easy to use, and flexible, and functionality is conveniently integrated to manage your WooCommerce coupon deals. This solution offers both free and affordable premium plans. 

Key Features Of WooCommerce Extended Coupon

  • Get auto-apply, coupon URLs, and coupon rules.
  • User-friendly design to supplement coupon options by default. 
  • Help you enable restrictions based on roles, shipping, payment methods, and more.

Discount Rules For WooCommerce

5 Best WooCommerce Smart Coupon Plugins

Discount Rules for WooCommerce offer you to create any type of bulk discounts, dynamic pricing, advanced discounts, percentage discounts, product-based discounts, and tiered discounts for your eCommerce products. You can easily create BOGO deals (buy one and get one free) and increase your eCommerce store sales. That comes with dynamic pricing and discounts based on categories, products, user roles, cart items, purchase history, and much more. Get both free and premium plans using this WooCommerce smart coupon plugin. 

Key Features Of Discount Rules For WooCommerce

  • Help you offer percentage-based discounts on your WooCommerce store. 
  • Create store-wide global discounts for your store.
  • Get quantity range-based tiered pricing percentage discount. 
  • Comes with a cart-based percentage discount facility, advanced control over your coupon deals & many more.  

Some Statistics Of Coupon Deals To Look At:

👉63% of shoppers say they want coupons to be more available. (Source: ​​BigCommerce)

👉Emails with coupons have a 48% increase in revenue per email. (Source: ​​BigCommerce)

👉Online buyers who use coupons spend 24% more than those who don’t use them. (Source: Fortunly)

👉83% of shoppers report that coupons are a driver for changes in purchasing behavior. (Source: GlobeNewsWire)

Create WooCommerce Coupons Deal & Boost Sales Now!

This blog is all about enlightening you about the fact that coupon deals are popular among eCommerce customers to boost sales. And for running a WooCommerce store, make sure you pick the best WooCommerce smart coupon plugins to create your deals and more. Hope you find this helpful. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. 

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