ReviewX v1.6.6: Introducing, The Google Business Profile Review Widget!

ReviewX Release Banner Google Review Widget V2 1

Yes, you saw it right! ReviewX now has the Google Business Profile Review Widget! We had been planning for this feature for a long time. We’re back with one of the most-wanted features you’ve asked for a long time.

With the Google Business Profile Review Widget, you will be able to display Google Business Profile reviews on your website with ReviewX. Therefore, visitors will have a greater sense of trust when they visit your website. Also, your website visitors will be able to review your Google Business Profile with this widget.

Additionally, we have updated ReviewX with several fixes and improvements.

So without further ado, let’s explore ReviewX.

Wrapping up

OK, that’s all I’ve got for now. A highly requested feature, the Google Business Profile Review Widget, has been added, along with several other improvements and fixes. ReviewX looks forward to seeing you with a new feature soon! We hope you enjoy your experience with it. So don’t forget to share your feature ideas with us through our Official Facebook Group.

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