5 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins For Your Website (Compared)

Adding testimonials to your WordPress website is a good way to enhance your website’s credibility. When you are maintaining your own website, you must prioritize adding social proof to your website. WordPress testimonial plugin can help you just do that. Here are 5 best WordPress testimonial plugins for your website to strengthen your site.

WordPress Testimonial Plugin

There are many positive outcomes of adding testimonials to your website. Using WordPress testimonial plugins can make the task much easier for you. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding testimonials to your website.

3 Reasons Why Adding Testimonials Is Important

Testimonials are proof of the authenticity and credibility of your website, business or the service you provide. It’s a statement showing someone’s qualification or credibility. So testimonials are a reflection of everything you provide or serve to your customers. Here are the reasons why you should add testimonials to your website

✨ Testimonials Help To Gain Customers Trust

WordPress Testimonial Plugins

No matter whether you run an eCommerce website or a personal website, testimonials containing authentic customer opinion, review or feedback are a great way to gain trust from your visitors or potential customers. Those who visit your website search for something that reflects your credibility as an author or a seller. So if you showcase testimonials with positive feedback from the clients, it will grow trust among those who visit your site to purchase from you or just to go through what you present.

✨ Testimonials Can Accelerate Sale

The first and foremost criteria to grow your business is to gain customers’ trust so that they do not have to feel insecure while buying your product. When customers are assured of the quality of your product or service, they feel more inclined to your site and purchase from you. This also works as a driving force for people who visit your site. 

When the visitors or potential customers find positive customer feedback as a testimonial or certification of your service they feel safe to purchase your product and be your client. Thus testimonial helps in promoting sales and enhancing performance.

✨Testimonials Leads To Increased Engagement

WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Remember when you were willing to purchase products from a website for the first time; you must have looked up to find what other customers say about their products or services. When you found positive customer feedback, it’s only then you made the purchase decision.

This holds true for any website; be it a personal blogging website or an eCommerce business site, a good way to engage visitors and customers more to your eCommerce business or personal website is to hold their faith in you. 

If you provide good quality service with enhanced social proof, this will stand as armor for your website and lead to business growth. Validation from your customers is essential to engage other viewers to your website spontaneously.

By now, you are already aware of how testimonials help to strengthen your business website and help to have healthy growth in business.  You must be looking forward to an effective solution to add testimonials to your WordPress website. So here we present you the 5 best WordPress testimonial plugins for your website. 

5 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins For Your Website

There are many dedicated plugins for adding testimonials to your website in WordPress inventory. We have picked up the top 5 best WordPress testimonial plugins that you can use to add social proof to your website. 

1. Strong Testimonials

WordPress Testimonial Plugin

Strong Testimonials is one of the most used WordPress testimonial plugins for adding testimonials to your website. It is highly customizable and comes up with many useful features. This plugin has both paid and free versions. The features include,

✨ Import Review 

With this WordPress testimonial plugin, you can import reviews from Facebook, Google My Business, Zomato and WooCommerce. You can also automate the importing process, manage and display testimonials. A very useful feature that allows you to import reviews from the most popular social media platform Facebook.

✨ Multiple Testimonial Collection Forms

Strong Testimonials lets you create forms in multiple numbers to collect testimonials from your visitors and clients. It’s very easy to create new forms with this WordPress testimonial plugin to gather customer feedback on your products or services. You are free to create as many forms as you like.

✨ Custom Testimonial Collection Form

Using the Custom Field extension feature of this super useful WordPress testimonial plugin, you can collect detailed customer reviews on a particular product, service or their overall feedback. You can add necessary information like manufacturer, model, horsepower or other extra information to make the testimonial more credible with strong social proof.

2. Real Testimonials

WordPress Testimonial Plugin

Next, on our list, we have Real Testimonials, another WordPress testimonial plugin to display testimonials, reviews, and quotes in a versatile way. Since testimonials play a vital role to motivate your customers, it is necessary that you showcase them effectively. This plugin offers exclusive features to the users. Features that make this WordPress testimonial plugin standout are:

✨ Shortcode Generator

Real Testimonials lets you generate shortcodes in the easiest possible way that you can use to create impressive testimonials with an amazing live preview feature. You will have full freedom to style and customer the testimonials the way you want and make them more appealing to the visitors.

✨ Multiple Testimonials & Video Testimonials

With this WordPress testimonial plugin, you can add video testimonials as well along with multiple testimonial sliders. So, you can display video testimonials to attract visitors more and increase conversion rates instantly.

Apart from the features mentioned above, Real Testimonials offers many useful features to make your website more credible and trustworthy. It offers import and export testimonial features, star rating, versatile layout options, testimonial submission forms and so on.

3. Testimonials Widget

WordPress Testimonial Plugin

Testimonials Widget is another powerful WordPress testimonial plugin that you can use to add social proof to your website by adding authentic testimonials showing customer reviews or feedback. It has plenty of useful features to prove the credibility of your business. Let’s check a few:

✨ Filter Slideshow & Slide Videos

Testimonials Widget lets you filter slideshow contents by categories, tags and post ID. So with this plugin activated on your site, you can filter the testimonials easily. This amazing plugin also allows you to add videos on the testimonial sliders to engage your audience more.

✨ Ratings, Caching & More

This WordPress testimonial plugin has almost 100+ features that include testimonials shortcodes, slide text for rotating testimonials and many more. If you upgrade your plan it will unlock five-star ratings, testimonial caching, excerpts, more shortcodes, and user-submitted testimonials, among other features.

4. Testimonial Slider

WordPress Testimonial Plugin

Last but not the least, another WordPress testimonial plugin that we are going to mention is, Testimonial Slidera testimonial plugin dedicated to showcasing and highlighting authentic testimonials in an attractive way for your visitors and customers. This WordPress testimonial plugin has both a free and a pro plan. 

It is a very user-friendly and responsive testimonial plugin offering many good features that include a shortcode generator, multiple ordering options, ajax pagination and more. Apart from these, you will find more features like,

✨ Grid & Slider Layout

When you have this plugin activated on your WordPress website, you can use a grid or slider layout. The free version lets you use 2 grid layouts or 2 slider layouts. On availing of the premium version you can have more of it. So you can style the testimonials in a versatile way as you like.

✨ Isotope Filtering

The pro version of this user-friendly WordPress testimonial plugin offers an Isotope Filtering feature that allows you to show or hide elements easily. So you can decide whether to keep a particular element visible or hidden with ease.

5. Testimonials

WordPress Testimonial Plugin

Lastly, in our list, we are including Testimonials which is also a popular and user-friendly WordPress testimonial plugin for showcasing reviews or feedback from the customers. This plugin is responsive to all devices and has both free & pro plans. Some of the useful features of Testimonials are,

✨ Clean Design & Shortcodes

Testimonials– WordPress testimonial plugin offers its users clean and impressive designs that anyone would like. The easy-to-use shortcodes can be applied to embed testimonials into pages or posts to add social proof to your website and prove its authenticity.

✨ Versatile Style & Filtering

This super useful WordPress testimonial plugin offers a variety of styling options including list and grid style. You can play around with the styling options to make the testimonials appear more attractive on your website. You can filter testimonials by categories in seconds without any difficulties. 

Along with the features mentioned above, there are 100+ ready shortcodes, different testimonial themes, sorting options and so on. So this testimonial plugin can also be a good option if you are looking for different styles and customization options.

Add Impressive Testimonials In WordPress Using Elementor

However, if you are an Elementor user and looking for an all-in-one widget library to add beautiful testimonials, we have solutions for you as well. To add impressive testimonials using Elementor, you can pick Essential Addons for Elementor which is one of the most popular widget libraries of Elementor with 90+ super useful premium widgets. You will also find an amazing Testimonial widget to showcase customer testimonials in a beautiful way and style it to the max.


This outstanding Elementor widget library has both Testimonials and Testimonial Slider widgets that you can choose according to your need and preference. So you can now show testimonials attractively with a slideshow as well. Adding testimonials to your website with Essential Addons is very easy and anyone can easily use it. To add testimonials to your site and enhance your credibility, follow the simple steps and you will be all done.

Display Customer Reviews Beautifully With Testimonials In Gutenberg

Showing beautiful customer testimonials using Gutenberg is also easy. So, if you are searching for a solution to display testimonials for Gutenberg, your wait is over! You can easily choose Essential Blocks for Gutenberg and add impressive testimonials to your website to engage more people. This useful WordPress plugin is dedicated to Gutenberg users who want to create spectacular websites using Gutenberg easily.

This plugin offers a Testimonial Block that you can use easily to incorporate authentic customer testimonials into your website. Using this block, you will be able to display customer feedback or reviews in a way that instantly grabs visitors’ attention. 


For making the testimonial more appealing, you will find multiple styling and customization options. To explore more of this amazing EB Testimonial Block, go through the simple steps and give it your preferred outlook.

Bonus: Showcase Multicriteria Customer Reviews With ReviewX

You might be surprised to learn that 93% of consumers visit and check business websites in order to assess the quality of items or services based on client feedback. As a result, it’s essential to focus strongly on displaying customer reviews in a professional manner to convey transparency and sincerity to customers.

WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could display your WooCommerce store’s authentic multi-criteria customer reviews as social proof in a pretty and orderly manner? ReviewX is here to do the job for you. It is a WordPress multi-criteria review plugin to help you easily collect multi-criteria reviews for your products and services.

Multi-criteria reviews help you in many ways and adds social proof to your WooCommerce website. First of all, it assists you in developing credibility by allowing our customers to evaluate your products based on several criteria. For instance, they can give remarks on the product quality, service, pricing, and so on. So it helps the brand owner make necessary changes required for making the product quality or the service better. 

Secondly, when customers provide detailed reviews, Google receives more detailed new information which leads to an improvement in SEO. It enhances your WooCommerce store’s ranking. Visitors who are interested in buying products from you will be able to know your product quality which will influence their purchase decision in a positive way.

ReviewX 3

ReviewX is an advanced WordPress plugin with plenty of good features to help your eCommerce business store stand out. This WordPress plugin not only allows you to showcase customer reviews but also to add image and video reviews from your customers. So your potential customers can understand better how your products or services are performing. So if you own an eCommerce website and seek to highlight impressive reviews from your valued customers, ReviewX can be the best fit.


Add Testimonials In WordPress Website & Give Your Business A Sound Growth

It’s evident how important testimonials are for your website, no matter if it is a personal blogging website or eCommerce business site. You must put focus on adding testimonials and gain more customer trust for further growth. You can choose any of the above-mentioned WordPress testimonial plugins to use beautiful testimonials that align with your website and serve the right purpose.

Here we end with the 5 best WordPress testimonial plugins. If you found this blog helpful please let us know in our Facebook Community and don’t forget to subscribe to our blogs for more exciting news, updates & easy-to-follow blogs.

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