5+ Best WooCommerce Product Slider Plugins For eCommerce Website

If you want to showcase your products on your WooCommerce website in a modern and eye-catching way, WooCommerce product sliders are must-have. You can instantly create beautiful, animated product sliders and showcase hundreds of items at once and keep your customers engaged.

WooCommerce product slider

Nowadays, especially during the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most people like to shop from the comfort and safety of their homes. That’s why more and more businesses are creating a website for their online stores. Recent reports show that over 70 million eCommerce shops on WordPress currently use the WooCommerce platform across the globe.

Product sliders can quickly help you set your site apart from all the rest and engage your users. They play a significant role in engaging customers and increasing the conversion rates on your WooCommerce site. Whether you are a newcomer in the world of eCommerce or have successfully been in the business for some time, product sliders can showcase items attractively and quickly. 

WooCommerce product slider

Confused about which WooCommerce product slider to use on your site to boost sales? Not to worry, we have got your back. In this blog, we will take you through some of the best Product Slider Plugins and Elementor Addons that will help your eCommerce website stand out from the crowd. 

How Can A Product Slider Help Your Online Store?

You can effortlessly create stunning and responsive product carousels on your WooCommerce business website using product slider widgets. If you implement product sliders on your site in a strategized way, you can easily improve your customers’ user experiences. Let’s find out how.

Showcase A Large Number Of Products At Once

WooCommerce product sliders help to showcase a large number of products at once and with ease. As the slider sets to work, all your products will be displayed on the screen, focusing on each at a time. 

WooCommerce product slider

Your customers can select any category and sit back and view all products and their details without using any clicks as the slider rolls on. In fact, the customer will not even have to scroll through the entire page or move from page to page, searching for the perfect product they need. 

This significantly boosts user experiences and keeps them engaged on your eCommerce site over more extended periods, increasing conversion rates. 

Catch Users’ Eyes By Highlighting Featured Products

WooCommerce product sliders let you showcase products in various layouts and designs. This gives you ample flexibility to highlight featured products and sale items without breaking a sweat. 

WooCommerce product slider

The animated nature of the product sliders helps to grab customers’ eyes in no time. Some slider addons and plugins have special features that let you enable badges and banners to showcase special discounts and sales.

Significantly Boost Conversion Rates And Increase Sales

As mentioned before, product sliders are quite handy in converting your site visitors into paid customers and skyrocketing conversion rates. Customers will be glued to the screens with the product sliders’ eye-catching designs, enhanced user experience, and many functionalities. 

The customers will be convinced to explore through the products and purchase, increasing sales immensely.

Best Product Slider Plugins & Elementor Addons For Your WooCommerce Store

Choosing the right WooCommerce product slider plugin for your store is a tricky business. But if you know what features and facilities you want to avail yourself with the slider, the process becomes much more manageable. 

And to help you, we have made a list of product slider plugins and special add-ons that will be best suited for your eCommerce store. Let’s have a look.

1. PickPlugins Product Slider 

WooCommerce product slider

Product Slider by PickPlugins is a highly responsive slider for WooCommerce products with many varied functionalities. You can easily create an unlimited number of product sliders with ease and display them anywhere you want using shortcodes. 

You can instantly customize your WooCommerce product slider by adding custom codes through the plugin’s layout editor and adding more elements. You can also control a lot of the slider functionalities, slide speed, display, or more.  

The plugin features useful facilities that are highly useful if you want to display your products using sliders. PickPlugins Product Slider allows you to set a custom number of slider columns, slider speeds, lazy loads, categories for easy navigation, and much more. 

WooCommerce product slider

2. Essential Addons For Elementor: WooCommerce Product Slider

For Elementor users, you can easily use drag and drop WooCommerce Product Slider widget for Elementor. Brought to you by Essential Addons For Elementor, this responsive widget was specially designed and developed with the Elementor Page Builder in mind. 

Regardless of whether you are a pro at coding or someone who has no prior knowledge of codes, this widget is perfect for you. It allows you to create stunning and fully customizable product sliders using a widget with no coding in Elementor editor. 

Once you have the Essential Addons For Elementor plugin installed into your website, all you need to do is drag and drop the Woo Product Slider” widget onto the Elementor editor. It’s that simple; the products and their details will automatically be uploaded on the slider instantly. The WooCommerce product slider will be responsive, user-friendly, lightweight, and powerful. 

WooCommerce product slider

This widget gives you complete flexibility to customize every aspect of your slider. You can effortlessly customize the product slider’s appearances with many ready layouts presents available. Not only that, but you can also modify the content of the product slider to suit your needs. 

  • Add tags to your WooCommerce products for better navigation
  • Insert suitable descriptions and showcase ratings to engage customers quickly
  • You can personalize and style the product images with ease
WooCommerce product slider

You can adjust the custom slider settings to match your site presets, too, from enabling the autoplay option for the slider to allowing the slider to run on a loop. It also allows you to set “query” to filter products easily, adjust the product slider run time duration, and add custom “sale/stock out badges.”

As if that wasn’t all, this Elementor addon gives you the ultimate freedom to make your WooCommerce product slider addon even more attractive. You can enable unlimited styling options through Elementor. To find out more, we encourage you to check out this detailed tutorial on creating a stunning WooCommerce product slider for Elementor

WooCommerce product slider

3. Product Slider For WooCommerce 

Another popular plugin available for WordPress users is Product Slider For WooCommerce. It is a modern and highly versatile product carousel plugin for WooCommerce that enables you to display your online store products neatly and professionally to attract customers’ eyes. 

WooCommerce product slider

With over 25 beautiful, pre-designed templates, this plugin enables you to control its looks and functionalities. It also has three theme styles in the free version of the plugin, while the premium version provides around 30+ themes

You can quickly set the number of products you want the slider to display and customize the slider to stop on hover to make it easier for users to check your products. Moreover, you can personalize the colors, fonts, and product orders.  

WooCommerce product slider

If you are someone with high coding knowledge, this WooCommerce product slider plugin will provide you with more flexibility. It has a built-in, intuitive shortcode generator that you can customize to design the slider according to your needs. 

4. Product Slider/ Carousel For WooCommerce 

If you are a pro website developer, Product Slider/Carousel For WooCommerce is the perfect tool for you. This is a plugin that allows you to display your products attractively in a slider using codes. 

WooCommerce product slider

You can insert the WooCommerce product slider/carousel onto your eCommerce site theme via shortcodes. Or, sort your products by adding categories in shortcodes as a shortcode parameter. 

It gives you eight ready layouts to showcase your products in an eye-catching way that will instantly attract your users. This plugin also works in Gutenberg Blocks with the help of shortcodes

WooCommerce product slider

5. Product Gallery Slider For WooCommerce

When you use the Product Gallery Slider plugin, it enables you to showcases all your products in an attractive, modern way. You can easily insert an image carousel in the default gallery. You get Lightbox control to showcase your products aesthetically to match your site’s overall outlooks.  

WooCommerce Product Slider

The premium version of the plugin takes the product gallery slider functionalities up a notch by allowing smooth video support and giving you full lightbox control. It is also developed to be shortcode-ready so that you can customize it with coding if needed. 

6. Category Slider For WooCommerce

WooCommerce product slider

If you want a slider that helps you showcase your products by filtering specific eCommerce categories,  Category Slider For WooCommerce is a plugin you can check out. It allows you to showcase your product in multiple categories easily. 

The plugin has a shortcode generator interface with many handy options to help you customize and manage WooCommerce categories and all of its contents without any coding. 

You can create unlimited categories with this responsive and fast-loading plugin and showcase specific ones that you want to highlight to your customers. The plugin also lets you display the contents by setting category names, background, counter, and more. The categories are also highly customizable with many slider controls, such as autoplay, slider speed control, etc. 

WooCommerce product slider

More Tips And Tricks To Increase WooCommerce Sales

While we are on the top of taking your eCommerce to the next level, we would like to give you some simple tips and tricks to boost your sales and growth even further. 

WooCommerce product slider

i) Make your website attractive and interactive using WooCommerce themes and templates.

ii) Offer a personalized, friendly user experience to your customers.

iii) Invest in email marketing strategies to keep your customers updated about your business.

iv) Create a sense of urgency using FOMO marketing strategies.

v) Promote your brand on social media and increase customer interaction.

vi) Provide dedicated customer services to help out your users.

Below are some plugins in the WordPress market that are a must-have to add social proof and credibility to your WooCommerce store.   

Boost Your WooCommerce Business With ReviewX

You can effortlessly build your eCommerce site credibility by adding strong social proof evidence with ReviewX through multi-criteria reviews and ratings. Take a look at this detailed tutorial on how  ReviewX can boost credibility for your WooCommerce store to get an in-depth idea about how you can benefit from this social proof plugin on your WordPress site. 

WooCommerce product slider

Grow Engagement Rates On Your Store With NotificationX

NotificationX is the ultimate social proof marketing tool in the WordPress community that allows you to use the FOMO marketing strategy with ease. It is the ideal solution to add validation and credibility to your eCommerce websites.

WooCommerce product slider

Wondering if your online store actually needs social proof? Check out this amazing blog on the importance of social proof marketing and how it can help you grow your eCommerce business.

Skyrocket WooCommerce Sales Using Attractive Product Sliders 

This wraps up our list of the best WooCommerce product slider plugins and Elementor Addons out there in the market. We believe the plugins and add-ons mentioned above are worth the mention and will definitely engage your users and boost your sales significantly. 

If you find this blog helpful, do let us know about your experience by commenting below; we would love to hear from you! Join our friendly Facebook community and subscribe to our blogs to know about our latest updates.

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