Top 5 Best WooCommerce Product Size Chart Plugins

Did you know 1 in 5 online purchases return the product due to the perfect size issue? If you own a WooCommerce store and want to reduce the return rate of your products, WooCommerce product size chart plugins are always there to solve this issue easily. Let’s dive in to explore all the plugin suggestions along with some tips. 

WooCommerce product size chart

Many WooCommerce products require a size chart that will help the customers to choose the most suitable one easily. For example, apparel items, shoes, accessories, and so on. Suppose you are selling clothes for women and children. While exploring your website your customers will want to see a size chart of the available items. If they do not find any, they will reach out to the customer support team. If you make this process difficult for them, your conversion rate will fall in no time. That’s why you need to get your hands on some amazing WooCommerce product size chart plugins that can come to your use. 

Product Size Chart: A Solution To Reduce Online Return Rate

As mentioned above, the online return rate can increase if you do not include any size chart of your products. Most of the online return cases evolve around the misfit of the product, style that does not go with them, or other reasons. According to Shopify, 30% of people return products saying the size is too small, 22% of people say the size is too large for them and 5% of people refuse the product because it’s not as described. 

WooCommerce product size chart

In that case, you need to get back to your customers and send the product to the warehouse. In case they want to accept a replacement, you will need to go through the whole process again. Your time and money will be wasted and your customers might not return to you for further purchase ever again. So adding a product size chart is important for any WooCommerce store owner. 

The best part about using WordPress is that there are numerous product size chart plugins available to tackle all of these issues. Simply by giving the correct size chart, you can increase customer retention. You can, on the other hand, relieve some of the load on your customer service personnel. They will not have to deal with customer concerns about product sizes or explain what the product’s dimensions will be.

Best WooCommerce Size Chart Plugins You Need To Use In 2022

In 2022, you can bring your WooCommerce store one step ahead by adding a product size chart. Every country has its different standards of measurements. To present your customers the ideal size that they are looking for, you can start using some of the best WooCommerce size chart plugins mentioned below: 

1. Yith Product Size Charts For WooCommerce 

WooCommerce Product Size Chart

Yith product size charts for WooCommerce is one of a kind WooCommerce plugin that will help you to create a product size chart for all your customers and enhance their experience. You will get three different types of product size chart layouts from this plugin. It comes with more customization options for changing the default size, popup buttons, and colors. You can even show the size chart in the sidebar if you want. This is a much more flexible WooCommerce product size chart plugin for anyone to use. 

2. Size Chart WooCommerce 

WooCommerce Product Size Chart

Size chart WooCommerce is another product size chart that allows you to create multiple size charts at once. You can either create a product size chart manually or upload an image of size charts if you want. To make your product page more interactive, you can display the size chart as a popup using this amazing WooCommerce plugin. To make a more customized product size chart, this plugin will help you to go creative in terms of layout and styling. If you are looking for a simple yet highly effective WooCommerce size chart plugin, this is the one for you. 

3. Product Size Charts Plugin For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Size Chart

To reduce product return rates and remove any confusion regarding product sizes, you can try the Product Size Charts For WooCommerce plugin for your store. Your customers can easily view the product size chart along with the product. Thus just by using this plugin, you can increase the site usability. Even if you are confused about this plugin, you can try their free demo and see if you are comfortable with it or not. Just like any other size chart plugin, it also comes with lots of customization options as well. 

4. WooCommerce Product Table Lite

WooCommerce Product Size Chart

WooCommerce product table lite is also a simple yet essential plugin for your WooCommerce store. Creating a responsive product size chart is even easier with this plugin. It comes with a powerful and intuitive editor where you can play around with options to beautifully display your product sizes. Flexible layouts are also available with this plugin. If you want you can use shortcodes as well to make the plugin personalized. If you are a starter, this plugin comes with a huge tutorial repository to teach you how to use it with a step-by-step guide. 

5. WooCommerce Product Size Chart 

WooCommerce Product Size Chart

WooCommerce product size chart plugin comes with preset templates of size charts to make your work much easier. These templates are available for various types of products with customization options. You will also have popup options, size chart tab, size chart shortcodes, etc features with it. You can add unlimited rows and columns to show product sizes. In case you want to bring external product size charts, this plugin will help you to import CSV files that will help you to save time as well. You can even preview the size chart after you have done customizations. 

Try any of these WooCommerce product size chart plugins and enhance the website usability to increase your sale. If you find this blog informative, subscribe to our blog to read more blogs like this and join our community to share your valuable thoughts. 

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