5 Best WooCommerce Product Grid Plugins & Elementor Addon

Do you want to display your WooCommerce store products in an attractive way? Find out the best suitable WooCommerce product grid plugins & boost your WooCommerce store’s sales by grabbing users’ attention.

WooCommerce Product Grid

Regardless of what kind of products you sell through your WooCommerce website, attracting clients becomes the primary goal. Checking out all of your products will be a lot easier with these plugins and addons. Every plugin has its own distinct feature. Let’s learn everything there is to know about WooCommerce product grid plugins and see which one is right for you.

Why Should You Display Items In WooCommerce Product Grid? 

Providing a better user experience should be the main goal while designing a brand new WooCommerce store. Presenting WooCommerce products in a certain pattern depends on what kind of goods you are selling. For example, a mostly visual product list is suitable for jewelry, wardrobe or home decor products. But when it comes to electronics products or hardware goods, customers look for product details more. 

Showcase Multiple Products In One Page

Your customers will be able to see a lot of options at once if you display products on a single page. They don’t have to go to specific product pages to get product information. Furthermore, if you properly customize the single page with the WooCommerce product grid, your consumers will find it easier to select and add WooCommerce products to the cart.

WooCommerce product grid

Easy To Check All The Products At Once

Using WooCommerce product grid plugins you can enhance your site readability even more. Besides product description, price, ratings, and images, you can add product SKUs, detailed reviews and much more. Checking out all the products at once will get efficient when you add more key information with it. Showcasing customer reviews can increase your sales instantly. 

Features To Look For Before Choosing WooCommerce Product Grid Plugin

Without a doubt, the WooCommerce plugin is amazing. However, you may wish to use other plugins if you want to add a different product display layout. Keeping this in mind, we’ve put up a detailed checklist to help you choose the best WooCommerce product grid plugin.

Able To Add Multiple Product Categories

Presenting products in distinct categories is important to make your WooCommerce store look organized. When looking for grid plugins for your WooCommerce store, seek those that allow you to categorize them. However, you must first build custom categories and assign each of your products to them. It will eventually assist your plugin in retrieving all of the products in their appropriate categories.

Able To Add Different Layouts

Adding convenient layouts to your WooCommerce store is more important than you think. To display products, different WooCommerce stores require different layouts. Assume you have a WooCommerce store that sells wholesale groceries. Your design will be different from that of a dress shop. So, when looking for the finest WooCommerce product grid plugins, keep an eye out for different layout options. 

Flexible Customization Options

What is the point of finding a grid plugin if you can’t alter the installed layout? Because you might not like the default design of your WooCommerce store, this function is an essential part of a WooCommerce product grid plugin. A little personalization can make a big difference in how your product is presented.

5 Best WooCommerce Product Grid Plugins For Elementor

We’ve put together a list of the finest WooCommerce Product grid plugins and addons, as well as a description of what they do. As a result, you’ll be able to choose which WooCommerce product grid plugins are best for you.

1. Grid/List View For WooCommerce

WooCommerce product grid

This is a very simple plugin with advanced customization options. Using this plugin you can switch between list or grid product view styles. The most interesting feature of this plugin is, it allows you to add buttons to your WooCommerce store. Moreover, you can customize all of it without taking any hassle. 

If you are looking for a simple and easy plugin to organize your WooCommerce products, you can go for Grid/List View For WooCommerce.

WooCommerce product grid

If you use the paid version of this plugin, you can have more flexibility to display your products. You can customize product count and switch links easily. Integration of custom CSS styles is also another unique feature of this simple plugin. 

2. eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin

WooCommerce product grid

eCommerce Product Catalog is a WordPress plugin that allows you to categorize your products into numerous categories. You may use this plugin to add a filtering option to your items and display products in a grid. This is a simple method for integrating a product management system into your WordPress site. The grid setup is very adjustable, so you can make changes to it. Any theme or plugin can use this plugin.

WooCommerce product grid

3. Product Listing Page With List & Grid View

If you want to create a compact table for all your WooCommerce products, you can use the Product Listing Page With List & Grid View plugin. You can enable your customers to easily sort their products using a search bar. Moreover, you can personalize the call to action buttons like ‘Load More’ or ‘Show Less’. This plugin is fully mobile responsive, so you will not face any backlash while using it. With this plugin, you can give your customers to switch between grid and list view on their preference. 

4. Product Feed PRO For WooCommerce

WooCommerce product grid

Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce is a product grid plugin that will let you create WooCommerce product feeds for all of your marketing channels quickly and easily. The plugin comes with more than 100 ready-to-use templates. These templates can be used for marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, and traditional search engines. With this product grid plugin, you can beautifully display all your WooCommerce products in a grid or list view. You can even add a rule, filter and later delete them.

5. WooCommerce Product Grid From Essential Addons For Elementor

WooCommerce Product Grid

The WooCommerce Product Grid widget from Essential Addons for Elementor offers you to display your WooCommerce products with lots of styling and design options in Elementor. You can change the display layout, product setting or other options like ‘Add To Cart buttons. Starting from changing the typography to the background color, you can change it all and customize the page as you want using Elementor.

WooCommerce product grid

Display Products In Grid Using WooCommerce Product Grid Plugin

If you are Elementor user, you can create a product grid in a minute without using any codes. Essential Addons for Elementor is the plugin that comes with tons of WooCommerce widgets including Essential Addon Woo Product Grid. With Elementor and EA Woo Product Grid, you can display your WooCommerce Product Collections in a beautiful style with hover animation. This useful feature allows Elementor users to present their product collections in a visually appealing manner based on categories, qualities, and tags. 

Step 1: Install Essential Addon For Elementor Plugin On WordPress

Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on wp-admin. You need to navigate to Plugins → Add New and search for Essential Addon in the search box. Click on the ‘Install Now’ button and this plugin will be instantly installed in your WordPress. Now all you need to do is, activate the plugin and toggle the necessary elements.

WooCommerce product grid

Step 2: Activate Essential Addon WooCommerce Product Grid Element

To begin, simply drag and drop the elements wherever on your website once you’ve found it. When you have dragged the element to the Elementor editor, you will find this default look first.

WooCommerce product grid

Step 3: Customize The Content Of Woo Product Grid 

To properly show your WooCommerce products in the grid layout, modify the content settings after activating the EA Woo Product Grid element. Many options, such as ‘Product Settings‘ and ‘Load More,’ are available under the ‘Content’ tab. You can filter your products by recent products, featured products, and more using the ‘Product Settings‘ option. You can also select a specific number.

WooCommerce product grid

Step 4: Design Your Woo Product Grid Beautifully 

The next step is to style your WooCommerce Product Grid by going to the Style tab. You’ll notice a number of options there. You can modify the content background colour, border type, ‘Color & Typography,’ and even the styles of your ‘Add To Cart‘ Button from each of these options.

WooCommerce product grid

That’s how an Elementor Addon may help you effortlessly showcase all of your WooCommerce products. Product grid plugins can be useful, but if you use the Essential Addon, you won’t need any more plugins to display your products because you’ll already have a wonderful widget for that.

Bonus: Build A Stunning WooCommerce Store With Ready Elementor Templates

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WooCommerce product grid

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