10+ Most Effective Marketing Plugins to Increase Sales in WooCommerce [2023]

WooCommerce is an amazing solution that can turn your WordPress website into a complete eCommerce site. And you can find a lot of effective marketing plugins to make your brand stand out and reach a greater audience. 

Effective Marketing

The WooCommerce plugins are amazingly versatile and can help to increase sales faster. In this blog, we will talk about the 10+ most effective marketing plugins to increase sales in WooCommerce.

How Marketing Plugins Can Increase WooCommerce Sales?

If you have a successful online store then having an effective marketing strategy must be one of your most important focus points. When you have an effective marketing strategy, you can see a lot of sales happening. And there are lots of effective marketing WooCommerce plugins that can help you increase sales on your website.

WooCommerce plugin has some amazing features but you can get a lot more done by adding some effective marketing plugins and extensions. These plugins will make your website into a fully functioning online shop. There are many useful WooCommerce plugins available that are perfect for creating a most effective marketing strategy. They can increase sales on your website. With these  WooCommerce plugins, you can get all the new features that are available on the market for making the most effective marketing strategy.

Effective Marketing

The most effective marketing strategy should be built on a base plan, keeping in mind how you want to promote the product and who your audience is. WooCommerce marketing plugins have different features that can aid in implementing marketing strategies. And with an effective marketing strategy, you can increase sales.

The Best WooCommerce Plugins For Effective Marketing

Now let’s see what WooCommerce marketing plugins we have on our list of 10+ most effective marketing plugins to increase sales in WooCommerce. There are lots of WooCommerce plugins for different tasks and you need to know what they can do and then think if you need them for your store or not.

1. ReviewX: Perfect For Showcasing Multi-Criteria Reviews & Ratings

Effective Marketing

ReviewX is an amazingly effective marketing plugin that can essentially boost sales with multi-criteria reviews. The multi-criteria reviews & rating lets the customer give a review on different metrics. And you can even customize which criteria you want to take reviews and ratings on from your customers.

Effective Marketing

Showcase Detailed Customer Reviews Of WooCommerce Store

Social proof is one of the most effective marketing strategies. ReviewX allows multi-criteria reviews on your website. And it can help to present detailed reviews of your products on any WooCommerce website.

Effective Marketing

Enhance Your Website SEO To Bring In More Traffic

When you have a detailed review system for your customers they can write more about your product. They can write about the quality and your service too. This will tell a lot about your business to all the other potential customers, so it also works as an effective marketing strategy. When people talk about your product they will mention the name of the product and your brand. And not only that they will also mention the qualities of your product. These things will help you to enhance your SEO. This feature can help you to increase sales on your WooCommerce website.

Effective Marketing

Promote Your Products With User Generated Content

ReviewX you can let the users give honest reviews on your products. And this is an amazing promotion for your brand. With multi-criteria reviews, you can worry a little less about the promotional activities. Because people are more likely to make a purchase when they see previous buyers posting real images and videos of the products. This feature can easily work as one of the most effective marketing strategy for your website.

Effective Marketing

Send Review Reminder Email To Your Customers

There are times when people forget about giving reviews. And that is completely normal. That’s why ReviewX gives you the feature to send those customers a reminder email about the review.

Effective Marketing

Here you can create an email template for all of your customers. And then with a click ReviewX will automatically send all of the customers this email for you. And you can customize the whole email so that it can be generic and also up to date. This amazing feature will bring you more reviews from the customers very easily. 

This feature makes ReviewX one of the most effective marketing plugins on this list. Imagine having to write separate emails to customers or using a boring and not-so-personalized email to everyone. That doesn’t sound good, does it? With ReviewX you can encourage more customers for a review.

2. Automatewoo: Efficient WooCommerce Marketing Automation Tool

Effective Marketing

Automatewoo is a marketing tool that can help you automate your marketing tasks. This plugin can make your workflow more efficient and sustainable for a shop owner. And when you can make your marketing efforts faster then you are sure to increase sales in WooCommerce.

This plugin has some amazing features that can help you increase your sales in WooCommerce. Features like automated follow-up emails help to build better connections with your customers. These emails can have a great impact on the customers. And the review rewards feature can actually increase the number of reviews you get for your products. 

The wishlist marketing can help them have a wishlist of your products that they can purchase later on. This plugin also comes with abandoned cart reminders, it can lower cart abandonment from your WooCommerce website. Whenever people forget to check out it will remind them about it. These things help a lot to get more sales and it can play an important part in effective marketing tasks. 

The automated tasks that you can do with this plugin, can also be done manually but it will take a lot of your time. And it is not efficient at all if you are repeating the process over and over again. So it’s better to automate the whole process.

3. AffiliateWP: Easy To Use Affiliate Marketing Solution On WordPress

Effective Marketing

AffiliateWP is a simple WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing that can give you all the marketing tools you need for higher visibility, more traffic & increase sales in WooCommerce. It is easily one of the most effective marketing plugins.

This plugin is perfect for any business that is looking to implement affiliate marketing for their WooCommerce website. You will get affiliate coupon tracking that can connect coupon codes to specific affiliate accounts easily. 

You will get some official free add-ons with your WooCommerce site, affiliate QR codes, and a set of blocks that you can use in Gutenberg editor. So this plugin can really help you to do affiliate marketing better and ultimately increase sales in WooCommerce.

4. Advanced Dynamic Pricing For WooCommerce: Set Pricing Rules For WooCommerce Store

Effective Marketing

Advanced Dynamic Pricing plugin lets you easily set up dynamic pricing for various products and discounts on your WooCommerce store. You can easily configure fixed dollar amount or percentage adjustments, you can also set a fixed price for the product or group of products.

The pricing rules can apply cart discounts and fees, validate conditions for cart items, use tables to get bulk rates, modify prices for the individual products separately, and many more things.

It also supports role-based pricing and it is easy to use and it gives detailed statistics to provide in-depth data. You can set discounts based on product combinations and increase sales on WooCommerce website.

5. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist: Powerful Tool In WooCommerce Shop

Effective Marketing

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is a super easy-to-use and simple wishlist plugin for WooCommerce. You can use this plugin to manage all your wish lists for your store. It has an intuitive interface and it enables you to organize products and create multiple wishlists.

Effective Marketing

Adding a YITH WooCommerce wishlist to your website can be an effective marketing strategy. You can increase sales and conversions of your store. It encourages people to return back to your WooCommerce website. When people can save the products they like, they can get back to it later on. 

People often share their wish lists on social media as well. And that can also bring in more customers. So having a wishlist option on your website can boost your WooCommerce sales effectively.

It has some interesting features like tracking and managing user wishlists, it also has a feature to send promotional emails, allowing users to buy from the wishlist page and you can enable wishlists anywhere on your store. 

From the user end, they can set their privacy for individual websites and make their wishlist private, public, or shared. The users can also download the wishlist file in a .pdf format and share the wishlist on social media.

6. NotificationX: Boost Conversions With Social Proof Marketing

Effective Marketing

Imagine a customer who is just looking around your WooCommerce website. Let’s assume the customer is not even thinking about making a purchase today. But when he sees there are people from the same area purchasing from your website, he will think that he might be missing out on something. This is called FOMO marketing and it is an effective marketing strategy to increase sales in WooCommerce.

And when people see other people’s reviews of a product they are thinking of buying, they will trust the brand even more. That is called social proof marketing. You can increase your sales with social proof marketing,

NotificationX is a plugin that can create stunning popups that can show your website visitors various information that can help you to implement social proof marketing and FOMO marketing. It increases engagement on your website by providing social proof and creating FOMO alerts.

Effective Marketing

Create FOMO with Sales Notification Popup

The sales notification popup is one of the most popular features of NotificationX. You can use it as FOMO alerts to your customers. The customers may make a purchase just on the feeling of fear of missing out on a deal.

Effective Marketing

With sales notification on NotificationX, you can show your visitors a popup every time anyone makes a purchase. This will trigger FOMO in many of your visitors and they will start thinking about buying your product. You can integrate this feature easily with WooCommerce platform.

Display WooCommerce Review Popup

One of the most effective marketing strategies for WooCommerce stores is customer reviews. When people are looking into a product and they find your previous customer reviews that explain a lot of details about the product they develop a sense of trust. It works as social proof marketing.

Effective Marketing

Offer Irresistible Deals With A WordPress Notification Bar

The Notification Bar lets you put out amazing deals for your visitors. This can work as an amazing FOMO marketing tool for your website. You can use it to display discounts, sales, or any other deal that you want to offer to your visitors.

Effective Marketing

NotificationX comes with the amazing customization ability of the “Notification Bar”. You can add two types of countdown timers for your notification bar. FIxed countdown timers and evergreen timers, the first one will display your visitors the time left for a promotional offer. 

And the evergreen timer will use cookies and track users and start the timer only when they visit your website for the first time. So each of the visitors will have a different timer. This feature is also called a dynamic timer and it is a powerful marketing tool.

7. Creative Mail – Easier WordPress & WooCommerce Email Marketing

Effective Marketing

Creative Mail is a perfect plugin for automation of event promotion, WooCommerce product sale promotions, sending postcards, newsletters and announcements, etc. You can boost efficiency in marketing practices with this WordPress WooCommerce plugin. All you need to do is install and start generating more leads for your WooCommerce store.

Effective Marketing

You can set scheduled emails, real-time email marketing statistics, constant activity, and many more useful features that will help you to have a more effective marketing campaign for your WooCommerce website.

You can also import or export your data via CSV file and you can sync contacts and import from your email marketing provider. You will also have AI emails that will build your email campaign for your WooCommerce products.

8. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery: Plugin To Recover Sales

Effective Marketing

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery can help you to recover your lost revenue. There will be consumers who will even go till the checkout page of your WooCommerce website but they won’t finish the purchase. And that is a loss for your website. With this plugin you can automatically start sending emails to those users to remind them that the purchase is incomplete.

Effective Marketing

It can ask a series of questions after a few minutes of interval. So you can be sure to get quite a few of those customers to complete the purchase after receiving the emails. This plugin will also have some amazing features like, unique checkout links, ready templates for follow up emails and so much more.

9. myCred – Points, Rewards, Gamification, Ranks, Badges & Loyalty Plugin

Effective Marketing

myCred is a smart and adaptive WordPress plugin that can build and manage a big range of digital reward points, ranks and badges. It helps to build brand loyalty by giving your customers rewards though community leaderboards, monetizing your website content and store reward systems. It is one of the most effective marketing plugins for your WooCommerce website.

Effective Marketing

This plugin can increase your customer engagement and more engagement means more sales. So it can increase sales in WooCommerce easily. These activities help consumers to connect more with the brand and that will keep bringing them back for more purchases.

10. WooCommerce Multilingual – Localize Your Online Business On WordPress

Effective Marketing

WooCommerce Multilingual Now you can use the WPML on your WooCommerce website and make your online business local. WPML is a very useful plugin for WordPress sites, it powers 1 million+ commercial sites and makes them localized.

It can translate all WOoCommerce products and the translation management is really easy. It keeps the same language through the checkout process. You can send emails in different languages to clients and admins living in different parts of the world. 

You can even enable running the WooCommerce store with multiple currency systems that change with the location of the customer. Not only this you can enable different payment gateways based on the location of the customer. So this is a very effective marketing plugin that can help you manage your marketing campaigns for all of your customers worldwide.

11. Variation Swatches for WooCommerce: Image Swatches For Variable Product Attributes

Effective Marketing

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce is a plugin that will let you display different variations of your products. It is another effective marketing plugin for WooCommerce website. And it’s perfect for any WooCommerce store that has different variations in their products. Now your customers don’t need to use a dropdown product attribute field.

In the free version of this plugin you can even handle the swatches shape and style. This plugin setup is very easy. When you install and activate this plugin it will automatically convert all variation dropdowns to button swatches by default.

Try These Plugins Out Today & See It For Yourselves

These are the most effective marketing plugins to increase sales in WooCommerce. Install them now and see the difference yourself. You can see these plugins are really good at enhancing your WooCommerce managing experience. 

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