Must-Have WordPress Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

If you are running a small business make sure you have chosen wisely your marketing tools that can facilitate your business growth. And if your website is built with WordPress then you can have the best must-have WordPress marketing tools to choose for your business right away. Take a deep dive into this blog to know all must-have WordPress marketing tools for small businesses you need below. Get started!

Must-Have WordPress Marketing Tools

Best Ways To Choose Must-Have WordPress Marketing Plugins

When you have started your business from the start you should focus on the essential tools you need to expand your business. For that, having a must-have WordPress marketing plugins list can be very helpful to kickstart your online business the right way. What type of product and services you are dealing with can help you decide the must-have marketing tools right away.

👉 Make sure you have to design your website so you need to get help from design tools. That eventually accelerates your marketing perspective to influence your buyers right away. 

👉 You should have to track & analyze your website visitors, sales performance, and in detail get an analytics tool. 

👉 Social proof marketing is now the most trending one. You should get one of the complete marketing tools for that. 

👉 For link redirection, affiliate marketing, promotions you should have got a complete link shortening, affiliate marketing plugin instead. 

👉 To make your website content optimized, SEO tools are the must-have one to get started and rank higher on search engines. 

👉 Whether your business is big or small you should have run email marketing to generate leads and increase sales instantly, and a lot more to look at. 

Must-Have WordPress Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

Must-Have WordPress Marketing Tools

Any small or big business success relies on their marketing activities. If your business is at the starting point, you have to then be very conscious about choosing the right and most effective must-have WordPress marketing tools to get along with.

Those WordPress marketing plugins should help you enhance your business and make your marketing process easy. Take a look at all must-have WordPress marketing tools for small businesses you should keep in mind: 

Display Social Proof Notifications On Website Using NotificationX

Must-Have WordPress Marketing Tools

Social proof marketing is one of the successful strategies that business owners or marketers must include during planning. To accelerate your business from the beginning you should have got the best WordPress social proof marketing plugin. NotificationX can be your ultimate marketing solution to start with.  

If you use NotificationX – the best social proof marketing solution, you can easily gather your customer’s attention towards your business. It helps you showcase real-time activities of your product sales, downloads, reviewers & ratings, comments, email subscriptions or can make custom comments and all using one WordPress marketing solution. You will get the full freedom to design beautiful notifications that pop up on your own, setting up the global queue time, user roles to manage your NotificationX dashboard. 

NotificationX Notification Bar feature is powerfully integrated with Elementor to make your live notification popup on your Elementor site. That comes with a fully functional evergreen timer for Elementor NotificationX bar and more.  Check out all the exclusive features of NotificationX: 

  • 10+ different types of Notification Alerts & can create the unlimited ones. 
  • 16+ Exclusive Integrations with powerful tools Like Zapier, Google Analytics, etc. 
  • Get in-built advanced Analytics support to measure your customer experience. 
  • Introduced custom random order feature to provide automatic order to all notifications.
  • Cross domain notice feature to showcase one WordPress site notification to another WordPress or non-WordPress site. 
  • Notification Bar powerful integration with Elementor with evergreen timer feature. 

Get Powerful & Popular Website Builder Elementor 

Must-Have WordPress Marketing Tools

You can easily create a conversion-optimized landing page with the most popular WordPress website builder Elementor. It is always a must-have task to design an interactive landing page for your website that your customers can get attracted to your business at a glance. 

Elementor can assist you in swiftly designing and developing WordPress websites. It includes a drag-and-drop feature as well as several customization possibilities. You can create a gorgeous WordPress landing page in under a minute.

You can take into account that Elementor is one of the effective WordPress marketing plugins to design your website landing to others without coding. And can customize the design on an instance to execute your marketing ideas into your website design with ease. Elementor also helps you to implement successful marketing strategies without hassles in WordPress. Take a look at some below:

Measure WordPress Site Performance With Analytify

Must-Have WordPress Marketing Tools

If you have an interactive website, you must have to get track of your daily customers, their behaviors in detail. According to this, you will be able to set your marketing goals and modify them in an instance. So to measure your overall website traffic, the performance you should have aligned with Google Analytics and get a complete plugin that can make you relate to WordPress with your Google Analytics account. 

Analytify can help users display your website’s Google Analytics dashboard in an easy-to-understand format on your WordPress dashboard. It includes your Google Analytics data to measure and display traffic statistics for each of your web pages.

Higher On Search Engines Using Rank Math

Must-Have WordPress Marketing Tools

Getting a complete SEO plugin is one of the essential must-have WordPress marketing tools to choose from. But all you have to do is to choose wisely the right solution for your website.  

RankMath can take care of all aspects of your on-page SEO and rank your website higher on search engines like Google, Bing, and others. RankMath examines the content of your entire website, including pages, posts, products, and other taxonomies, and assists you in how you can improve the ranking. And you don’t have to depend on any other SEO plugin, RankMath can help you Let’s take a quick look at what it has to offer:

  • Powerfully integrated with Google Search Console
  • Advanced SEO Analysis Tool
  • Compatibility Check & Optimize Up to 5 Keywords
  • Analyze and Track Your Content Performance
  • Rich Snippets & BreadCrumbs Support 
  • Work Fast & Flexible To Use 

Generate More Leads & Increase Conversion With MailChimp

Must-Have WordPress Marketing Tools

Another must-have WordPress marketing tools list email marketing solution is one of the tops. You should have to reach out to your targeted customers’ doorstops with email marketing. You can let them know about your discounts, offers, latest news, and many more to generate new leads and conversions. 

MailChimp can be your ultimate WordPress marketing tool to run your email marketing with automation. This is one of the largest and trusted email marketing solutions for marketers or business owners. All you can do is integrate your MailChimp subscription form into your WordPress site and generate more leads on an instance. This is one of the best ways to accelerate your email subscriptions that convert general subscribers to customers.  

Protect WordPress Site From All Spam Attacks With Akismet

Must-Have WordPress Marketing Tools

When you are running your business online, you should have to care about protecting your website from all sorts of malicious attacks. For that, you should get advanced must-have WordPress marketing tools to help to protect your user data and manage your site confidentiality in advance. 

Akismet Spam Protection plugin can help you make your WordPress site secure from all spam comments and ensure safe contact form submissions. It works against the global database of spam and prevents your WordPress site from publishing malicious content. This advanced WordPress marketing tool completely comes free for WordPress users. Exclusive Features you can look at:  

  • Automatically checks site comments and filters out the spam ones. 
  • Get comment history & know which comments are spammed or not. 
  • Reveal hidden or misleading links from the URLs, and a lot more others.

Collect WooCommerce Customer Reviews & Boost Sales With ReviewX

Must-Have WordPress Marketing Tools

WooCommerce users can collect multi-criteria reviews from their customers and increase the authenticity of your eCommerce business right away with ReviewX. It is one of the best marketing tactics to boost eCommerce sales then and then. ReviewX for WooCommerce can help you collect reviews with visuals and design the sections to make them interactive. Also, you can send review reminder emails to your customers to collect more social proof evidence for your eCommerce site. Take a look at what else you can get with ReviewX: 

  • Moderate your customer reviews, status & more in advance.
  • Collect & sort customer reviews for WooCommerce with ratings.
  • Provide automated review reminder email for customers.
  • Encourage customers to collect visual reviews for WooCommerce.
  • Boost sales share sharing & customer recommendation.
  • Advanced ready designs to decorate your customer review section.

Use Complete Link Redirection, Affiliate Marketing Plugin BetterLinks 

Must-Have WordPress Marketing Tools

One of the major WordPress marketing solutions you should consider using a complete solution for your website link redirection, shortening, tracking, and complete affiliate marketing solution. 

For that, BetterLinks is the latest best URL shortening, tracking, and redirection solution for WordPress users. You can now easily create WordPress short URLs, choose your preferable link redirection types, manage affiliates, marketing campaigns, and more with this latest advanced link management solution BetterLinks. 

And BetteLinks is the latest and best because of its advanced data fetching workability. It completely fetches data without hitting your website direct database rather than first checking on your JSON file

If your database is hit first it makes your site slow and the link organizing process lengthy. BetterLinks make sure your site faster loading and efficiently manage your links in advance. Check out what more BetteLinks has to offer you below: 

  • Create, customize & shorten any type of links with ease
  • Choose between affiliates or campaign links like no follow, sponsored, etc.
  • Set up link redirection with 302, 301, or other types as per your need 
  • Manage links with separate categories, tags & get Wildcards facility
  • Help to disable any bot links in advance & make your site link secure 
  • Fetch data directly from JSON file & process in fast mode
  • Split Testing facility for dynamic URLs, and a lot more

Scale Support Pressure With BetterDocs Knowledge Base Tool

Must-Have WordPress Marketing Tools

When you are running your business online, proper, detailed Knowledgebase can help you scale your support pressure, guide your customers on an instance with detailed docs, and also help you rank your website top on search engines. That’s why on your must-have WordPress marketing tools list, the knowledgebase plugin should be included. 

You can use BetterDocs, the latest best WordPress knowledge base, to create stunning online documentation with ready themes and tons of customization options. BetterDocs helps you to manage a private internal documentation site, multiple knowledgebases for individual products & services, comes with WPML compatibility, in-built analytics, instant answer chatbot support, and many more. All exclusive features are highlighted below: 

  • Ready template designs to create amazing online documentation sites. 
  • Customize documentation themes the way you want & make them stand out.
  • Comes with an advanced search & filter option, table of contents, or sticky table contents function.  
  • Manage Multiple knowledge bases for separate products or services.
  • Scale your support pressure & collect user feedback with Instant Answer Chatbot
  • Build an Internal knowledge base to train new employees or organize internal resources, and lot more.

Now It’s Your Turn To Explore! 

This must-have WordPress marketing tools blog can help you reach out to your target audience on search engines and boost sales immediately. Hope you like this blog and feel free to share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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Must-Have WordPress Marketing Tools

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