20+ Effective Subject Line Ideas For Review Request Emails

If you are struggling to come up with effective subject line ideas for your business, you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to tell you how you can come up with the perfect subject line for review request emails. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and learn how to make your email subject lines.

Effective Subject Line Ideas

💡 Why Should You Send Review Request Emails To Your Customers?

According to a survey, 88% of shoppers trust online reviews before purchasing a product from eCommerce websites. They even read around 10 reviews to be fully convinced before buying anything from local businesses. Therefore, you should try to get more reviews of your products to become a trustworthy business.

Effective Subject Line Ideas

So, how do you collect the customer reviews for your business? Of course, you can ask your customer for their feedback after purchasing the product or you can send them a review request email later. If you send review request emails to your customers, it may help you in many ways. Here are the benefits that you will get after requesting your customers for reviews.

  • Get more social proof for your website.
  • You can let your customers feel valued. 
  • Showcase more ratings on your products. 
  • You can get actual feedback from your products 
  • Boost SEO score with user-generated content

Proven Tips To Write Email For Review Requests

As you are writing emails to your customers to collect their reviews, you need to keep certain things in mind to get the best conversion rate. So, before going to the next parts of the blog, let’s have a glimpse of how you should write your review request emails

1. Create A Sense Of Urgency

Effective Subject Line Ideas

Creating a sense of urgency is an essential marketing technique that you can apply to your review request emails. Adding an urgency strategy to your emails could boost your conversion rate easily. So, try to write your emails in a tone that creates a bit of a sense of urgency for your visitors to make a better conversion rate. 

2. Add Personalization To Your Email

Using names on the emails can help you to create a connection with your customers. When you send emails and add personalization, they will feel interested and more valued. Thus, while sending review request emails, always add the customer’s name. 

3. Offer Something In Return

If you are desperate to get more and more reviews from your customers, offering them something in return could be a great idea. You can offer your customers a cashback, discount, or bonus point to them if they share their experience in detail with photos or videos. In this way, you can easily make a higher conversion rate.

4. Send Email At Perfect Timing 

Some customers prefer providing reviews right after getting the products, others use them a bit before leaving any review. So, you have to pick a time just not too early or too late to get the perfect response from your customers. 

💡 How To Make Email Subject Lines Effective?

Email subject lines are extremely important to increase your open rates. No matter how well you write your email, if you can’t write a catchy subject line, people may overlook your email. Here are some tips for you on how you can make your subject line effective and boost your open rates at ease. 

1. Keep It Short

While writing email subject lines, try to keep the length concise. You need to keep your email subject lines around 60 characters to make them perfectly visible to your costumes. A lot of your customers may read emails on their smartphones. So, you should keep your subject lines short for targeting all kinds of customers. 

Effective Subject Line Ideas
Image Source: Really Good Emails

2. Start With Action Verb

Writing email subject lines with an action verb can trigger email open rates. Words like grab, get, earn, etc. could help to make your subject lines even more interesting. So, while writing subject lines, try to start with an action verb. 

3. Avoid Spammy Words 

Spammy words may create interest in your customers, however, it also increases the chance of your email ending up as spam mail. So, try to avoid words like ‘dear friend’, ‘risk-free’, ‘toll-free’, ‘special offer’, ‘free’, etc. words as these words often trigger the spam filter. Also, avoid using more than one exclamatory sign and question mark to not end up in spam mail.

4. Use Emojis In Subject Lines

Effective Subject Line Ideas
Image Source: Really Good Emails

Emojis can help you to make your subject lines more interactive. Adding relevant emojis can give your customers a good vibe, which will boost your email open rates. So, you can add vibrant emojis to easily supercharge your email subject lines.

5. Add Preview Text

A subject line alone is always not enough to deliver the idea of what’s inside to the customers. Adding a preview text can give your customers the opportunity to understand what’s inside the email before even opening it. So, adding a preview text while sending emails can help you to make your subject line even more effective. 

📧 Top 20+ Catchy Subject Line Ideas For Review Request Emails

While writing review request email subject lines, you don’t have to ask your customer directly for reviews. You can make an interesting gesture while asking for their reviews of your business. Read these inspirations below to come up with your own email subject ideas :

01. {Customer name}, Thank You So Much For Your Order

02. {Customer name}, We Will Always Be Grateful To You

03. {Customer name}, {negative reviewer name} Says The Worst Thing About Us

04. {Customer name}, Do You Agree With {positive reviewer name}?

05. {Customer name} Would You Like To Help Us? 

06. {Customer name}, How Would You Rate Our Product?

07. Do You Have Any Feedback For Us? 📋

08. {Customer name}, Could We Expect An Honest Opinion?

09. {Customer name}, Have We Gained Your Trust?

10. {Customer name}, What Should We Improve?

11. ⭐ How Do You Rate Us Out Of 5?

12. {Your Business Name} Is the Best, Do you agree?

13. {Customer name}, Would You Recommend Us?

14. Tell Us How We Can Improve?

15. {Customer name}, Share Your Experience With Us

16. Hey {Customer name}, Earn Your Bonus Point Now

17. Could You Support Us, Please? 🙏

18. Hey {Customer name}, We Need Your Support 

19. Would You Like To Share Your Experience With Us?

20. Did You Like Our Service?

21. {Customer name}, Claim Your Rewards Now

22. {Customer name}, Did You Open Your Package?

📋 Things You Should Avoid While Sending Email For Review Request Emails

1. Sending Email Without Proofreading 

We, humans, are bound to make mistakes. However, if you send an email full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, you will lose your credibility with the customers. So, after writing your email, you should always double-check your grammar and spelling before sending the email to your customers.  You can try the grammar and punctuation checker by Quillbot to find and correct all email writing mistakes with less effort.

2. Not Formatting Your Message

You must present your emails professionally if you want to make a positive impression on your customers and enhance the reputation of your brand. Additionally, it will make your emails more powerful and make them easier for readers to digest. So, you should pick a format for your review, request email and apply it every time when sending it to your customers. 

3. Using Inappropriate Images 

While using images on email copies can create interest in your readers, using inappropriate images can harm your reputation. As a result, your customers may close your email without even reading it. So, if you use images on your review request email, try to use professional images that will easily engage your customers. 

4. Not Getting To The Point

As you are writing emails to get reviews, you should come to the point without giving too much ado. Your customers may lose interest if you write too long email copies. So, keep your review request emails short and concise, and try to direct them to your call to action as early as possible.

5. Having No Call To Action

While sending a review request email, you need to add a call to action to drive your traffic to the right place. Without having a clear call to action, it will be difficult for your customers to come to the product and write their reviews. So, you can design an eye-catchy call-to-action button that will provide a clear pathway for your customer after opening the email.

🎁 Bonus: Tips To Collect Reviews From Customers

Collecting reviews from your customers could be really difficult if you don’t have the right tool. While using a WordPress website, using a review collector plugin can help you to get more social proof for your website. So, among the other WordPress review plugins, you can use ReviewX to supercharge your review collecting method. 

Effective Subject Line Ideas

This WordPress plugin comes with features like multi-criteria review, automated review reminder email, and more amazing features to collect and showcase your social proofs. So, you easily enhance your brand reputation and convince more people to make purchases at ease. Besides, this plugin will also help you to showcase your reviews and rating with advanced visual representations. Now, you can read this blog to learn how you can easily collect more reviews from your customers using the ReviewX plugin. 

Get More Social Proof & Enhance Your Brand Value

Email subject lines are an extremely important part of email marketing. You need to write effective subject lines to boost the open rate. Now, try out the subject line ideas that we have provided here and get a steady stream of quality reviews for your business.

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