Top 5 Best WordPress PDF Embedder Plugins to Embed & Preview Files

When you’re planning to preview files, documents, invoices, manuals, etc. PDF embedder plugins can be saviors for WordPress users. The most common problem website owners feel is picking the best WordPress PDF embedder plugin among thousands of options. Today, we are presenting you with 5 of the best WordPress plugins to embed PDF files. 

Best PDF Embedder Plugins

Why Do You Need PDF Embedder Plugins For WordPress? 

Along with a PDF embedder, you will find every type of WordPress plugin to smoothen your content creations and presentations for eCommerce websites. But, finding the best ones, it’s not an easy task to do, especially when you don’t have enough knowledge about plugins to embed PDFs. Before jumping into the best WordPress PDF embedder plugins list, let’s check out the importance of having one on your website. 

Other ways to preview files, documents, and files without PDF embedder plugins include: copying the PDF content and pasting it along with other website content or taking screenshots of the documents and including them in the website. But unfortunately, both these ways got huge drawbacks. Following is a list of the major disadvantages of not having PDF embedders. 

PDF embedder plugins

⚫ A major problem eCommerce site owners will face is not being able to include downloadable descriptions of products or manuals or invoices from the web pages. 

⚫ There are some manuals, files you can’t modify on your own terms, if you want to keep them on your site you have to directly copy them. But if you copy content on your site then search engines will mark them as plagiarized, and thus your website ranking, website visibility will be decreased

⚫ Screenshots can be added to review files and similar things, but what happens when you have a PDF file with more than one page? The use of multiple screenshots will make everything cluttered and harder to read your post. Additionally, this will be a violation of copyright.

By using a PDF embedder, you can easily overcome these issues. Here is mentioning the top benefits of using WordPress plugins to embed PDF. 

🌟 When you want to give your customers the privilege to directly download product manuals or invoices, you can’t do that if the contents are presented as webpage content. In this case, PDF embedders can easily make your PDFs downloadable

🌟 If you already have a large document formatted and made into a PDF and you need to incorporate this into your website. Then you can use the PDF embedder plugins to view the whole file easily

🌟 Do you want documents on your website to remain unchanged by those who download them? If so, you can convert them into PDF files and embed them on your website. It will give the PDFs more security and make them harder to edit.

🌟 When you need to add downloadable files to your website, WordPress PDF embedders can help you out in this case. As the best WordPress plugins to embed PDF offers the option of directly downloading your embedded file

🌟 You may want to share something online but won’t want it to be indexed by search engines. Utilizing the WordPress PDF embedders, you can deliver the PDF to your audience, while not compromising your search engine ranking. 

What to Look for When Choosing WordPress PDF Embedder Plugins? 

If you have felt the importance of having a PDF embedder plugin in your WordPress eCommerce website, the next phase is to choose one. But, how to decide which WordPress PDF embedder plugin is the best one? In order to make the process of choosing the best WordPress PDF embedder plugin easier, we have included a checklist of the must-have features. 

How Easily Can You Embed PDF

One of the first things you should look for the best WordPress PDF Embedder plugins is how easy it is to add PDF files to your website or upload them. Some PDF Embedder plugins offer to embed custom code to preview files, manuals, invoices. But it’s really difficult to use these plugins as non-coders will face the hassle of embedding PDFs. So you should choose a PDF embedder that provides easy access to embed files, manuals, and all. 

PDF embedder plugins

How The PDF Embedder Plugin Preview Files

It’s also important to check out how the PDF embedder is displaying PDF files, whether the embedded PDF is device responsive or not, can you preview the embedded PDF directly from the editor or not, and so on. So that you can easily manage your embedded PDFs. 

Available Customization & Styling Options

Have a look at what customization and styling options are offered by the best WordPress PDF embedder plugins. While you are using embed code, you will get infinite customization facilities in adjusting iframes, outlook, custom logos, etc. so check out whether you can access these flexible customizations with WordPress plugins to embed PDF without coding. 

What Exclusive Pro Version Offers

Apart from basic PDF embedding facilities, don’t forget to check out what other facilities that PDF embedder plugins offer. Also, you should have a look at the exclusive and advanced features of the premium version. So that you will get a clear idea whether upgrading to pro would be worth it or not. 

5+ Best WordPress Plugins To Embed PDF

It’s high time to check out the best WordPress plugins to embed PDF. Check out the plugin details down below and choose the perfect one for your WordPress eCommerce website. 

1. EmbedPress – The Ultimate Plugin To Embed Sources

PDF embedder plugins

EmbedPress is the most popular WordPress embedding plugin with 40k+ active users. With this plugin, you can easily embed PDF files from all sources. The embedding plugin allows you to upload PDF files, embed through live links, etc. This super flexible WordPress plugin is seamlessly compatible with Classic editor, Gutenberg, and Elementor. By embedding PDF with EmbedPress, you will get a stunning appearance with a super customization facility. 

What Makes EmbedPress So Popular?

Let’s check out the exclusive and advanced features of EmbedPress, that have made it so popular and the most downloaded WordPress plugin To Embed PDF. 

⭐ Apart from embedding PDFs, you can easily embed 100+ sources using EmbedPress into your WordPress website. 

⭐ If you are Divi, Beaver Builder, or other WordPress editor user, then you can instantly use EmbedPress shortcodes and embed sources instantly without coding. 

⭐ On your embed source, you can include a custom branding logo, CTA button, etc easily using EmbedPress. 

⭐ This super WordPress embedding plugin comes with the utmost flexible customization panel with which you can easily style the preview of your embed content easily. 

Pricing Range: $0-$299

2. PDF Embedder WordPress Plugin

PDF embedder plugins

Unlike other WordPress plugins, PDF Embedder plugin embeds PDF files using only Javascript code, not iframes or third-party services. This provides users with complete flexibility in your document’s appearance. Also, this plugin offers a preview control panel with which you can go to the next or previous pages, zoom in, zoom out, etc. 

In addition to offering an exceptional viewing experience across all devices, the PDF Embedder also provides a great deal of functionality. A download button is not available in the free plugin, but premium versions have this option along with other great features.

Pricing Range: $0- $60

3. Embed Any Document Plugin To Embed PDF

PDF embedder plugins

With the Embed Any Document WordPress plugin, you can embed your PDF. You can also embed other file types in your WordPress website, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents. Using this plugin, you can display documents from Google Docs Viewer and Microsoft Office Online on your website.

Gutenberg and the Classic editor work seamlessly with this embedding plugin. Additionally, you can include a download link. Viewing your document can be done using both Microsoft Office Online and Google Docs Viewer. The two can be switched if one service is unavailable. Embed Any Document provides web-based PDF viewing, as well. Users can view PDF files on their mobile phones and across all browsers.

Pricing Range: $0- $39

4. PDF Poster – PDF Embedder Plugin for WordPress

PDF embedder plugins

PDF Poster enables you to embed PDF files in pages, posts, page blocks, widget areas, and theme templates instantly. This WordPress plugin is user-friendly, lightweight, and easy to use. In its recent version, you will get Gutenberg block with a live preview. Quickly embedding using a shortcode generator in the classic editor is another mentionable feature of this plugin. Moreover, you can customize the download button.

Pricing Range: $0- $299

5. Gravity PDF – Automatically Generate & Embed PDF

PDF embedder plugin

Gravity PDF is a WordPress plugin that lets you create a document that captures information. You can view each submission’s information as a beautiful PDF when you use this plugin. Each of the four PDF designs can be customized to meet your needs. In just a few minutes, you can customize the look and feel of your report by adding your company’s logo, header, footer, paper size or orientation, font, color, and size. 

Pricing Range: $0- $399

6.  WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download

PDF embedder plugins

You can easily include a PDF catalog of your eCommerce website by using WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download plugin. You can customize the plugin with simple HTML and CSS to create your own PDF templates. In addition, it allows you to add a shortcode to any post or page to add PDF download buttons.

Pricing: $49

Comparison Of The Best WordPress PDF Embed Plugins Based On WordPress users

We’re going to look at all the best WordPress PDF embedder plugins through the eyes of WordPress users. We have collected this data directly from the WordPress repository. Let’s have a look.  

Plugins NameActive Users5 Star RatingsIssue Resolved
PDF Embedder300k+11512/12
Embed Any Document70k+610/6
PDF Poster20k+883/5
Gravity PDF50k+2771/1
WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF DownloadN/AN/AN/A

Hopefully, the above information will help you decide which best WordPress PDF embedder plugin is right for your eCommerce website. And with the plugin, start previewing files, invoices, etc more interactively and boost your site engagement. If you face embedding-related trouble, then contact our dedicated support team anytime you want. 
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