Top 5 Best WooCommerce Membership Plugins [FREE & PREMIUM]

If you want to provide privileges to only registered members of your WordPress-built eCommerce website, WooCommerce membership plugins can be your savior. Membership sites can always keep you one step ahead of other eCommerce businesses. However, upscaling your eCommerce business mainly depends on selecting the right WordPress membership plugins. 

WooCommerce Membership Plugin

To ease you out, presenting the list of best free and premium WooCommerce membership plugins with a detailed feature list. Let’s get started. 

🤔 Why Do You Need to Have a WordPress Membership Site?

Before jumping to the list of best free and premium WooCommerce membership plugins, let’s take a detour. And find out why you need to run a WordPress membership site along with your eCommerce website. 

eCommerce website owners are increasingly using membership sites to make money from their websites. It is also easy to create WordPress Membership sites since there is no coding required. Your eCommerce website can have benefited from a membership site by allowing subscribers to access certain exclusive content and areas.

Using this kind of site allows you to restrict access to entire or partial parts of your site, such as materials, forums, downloads, courses, and supports. There are utmost benefits of having your WordPress membership site. Below are some of the most popular advantages of creating a membership site:

WooCommerce Membership Plugin

⚡ Source Of Making More Revenues: 

Typically, membership websites accept recurring payments, which means that your income will grow as more visitors register. Especially if you use affiliate sales and advertising already, this can boost your income easily.

⚡ Seamlessly Automate Passive Income: 

Your WordPress membership site is the perfect way to turn content into passive income. You can add value once and then update it regularly. As long as it is updated with relevant content, it can help you interact with your members regularly. This can make your growth continual without much effort. 

⚡ Boost Your Email List Growth: 

Member sites are one of the great sources for collecting customer emails without any promotional activities. When customers register to your WordPress membership site, you can easily collect their emails and generate leads accordingly. Afterward, this can help you boost your email marketing campaigns and more beautifully.

⚡ Build An Authorized And Secure System: 

WooCommerce membership plugins can take full charge of your membership site’s restrictions and securities. Also, restricted contents represent authenticity to most of the customers. Visitors can quickly realize that you are an expert in your field when you have restricted premium content to your eCommerce website. 

How to Choose The Best WooCommerce Membership Plugins?

To run a successful WordPress membership site, you’ll need to pick the most user-friendly WooCommerce membership plugin. If it’s your first time looking for the best WordPress membership plugins, then have a look at the must-have features of plugins at a glance below:

👉 Easily Handle Membership Management

The main feature of WooCommerce membership plugins you should look for when designing your membership site is how easily it manages your entire membership process.  

WooCommerce membership plugin

Look out for WooCommerce membership plugins with easy-to-use guidelines and lightweight. Moreover, less dependency on other plugins and platforms. Also, you must ensure your customers can be registered without hassle to your membership site.

👉 Content Restrictions Options

How your WordPress membership plugin manages content restrictions on your content is another important feature. Check out if you can easily apply content restriction based on multiple membership categories. Also make you can put restrictions based on pages, posts, custom post types, categories, tags, and much more. 

👉 Multiple Payment Gateways

You have to charge your customers to register as a member of your eCommerce website and enjoy exclusive restricted content. And depending on payment gateway availability, usability, and security, your customer list will grow. So choose WooCommerce membership plugins which offer multiple payment gateways. 

👉 Run Email Marketing Smoothly

Email marketing is one of the best affordable ways to notify your registered customers about upcoming premium content. So, check out if your chosen WooCommerce membership plugin comes with all the essential email marketing tools or not. 

👉 Manage Recurring Income

WooCommerce membership plugin

Your WordPress membership plugin must contain this feature to manage your recurring income in advance. As membership sites are maintained to help you with recurring income.

That’s why you have to look for one complete tool to take care of your restricted contents and recurring revenue-generators as well. 

5+ Best Free & Premium Membership Plugins For WooCommerce

Let’s now take a look at the best free and premium membership plugins and decide which one is right for your website. Before the kickstart, here is a list of WooCommerce membership plugins names, as a starter: 

  1. WCFM Membership
  2. Paid Memberships Pro
  3. Ultimate Member
  4. Members
  5. WP-Members
  6. MemberPress

Find out about the features in brief and pricing plans of these WooCommerce membership plugins for your eCommerce website. 

WCFM Membership For Multivendor Marketplace

WooCommerce Membership Plugins

If you have a multi-vendor WooCommerce marketplace, then WCFM Membership plugin can help you to manage subscriptions for free and premium customers. This WooCommerce membership plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of membership plans (free, silver, gold, etc.) along with different pricing plans, features, and commissions. Several integrated payment options can be used to set up your membership subscriptions, including PayPal, Bank transfer, and Stripe. 

  • Different commission structures can be configured for different membership levels.
  • For each membership level, you can assign different capability modules.
  • You can offer membership subscriptions to any user of your eCommerce website instantly.

Affordable Pricing Plans of WCFM Membership Plugin

WCFM Membership offers a completely free version as a WordPress plugin. If you want to enjoy their exclusive premium features, then have to buy their WooCommerce marketplace subscriptions. Pricing starts from $11-$299

Paid Memberships Pro WordPress Plugin 

WooCommerce Membership Plugins

Paid Memberships Pro plugin comes with everything you need to successfully manage your membership site. Members are able to choose their level of membership, complete checkout, and become members immediately. Access contents to subscribed members can be fully customized. You let your members view payments, update billing information, and cancel their accounts directly on your eCommerce website.

  • Have total control over the restricted access to your eCommerce website contents.
  • Provide unlimited membership levels and flexible pricing, including free trials, recurring subscriptions, and one-time payments.
  • Commes with a stunning front-end dashboard, from where you can easily manage your WordPress membership site.

Affordable Pricing Plans of Paid Memberships Pro

This WooCommerce membership plugin comes in both free and premium versions. The free version is available in the WordPress repository, you will get 6 payment gateways, themes, free addons, etc. to get exclusive premium features like one-click installations, 24/7 customer service, which will cost you $297 to $597 yearly.

Ultimate Member WooCommerce Membership Plugin

The Ultimate Member plugin simplifies the process of becoming a member of your website. It is great for creating advanced online communities and membership sites as it allows you to add beautiful user profiles. Ultimate Member lets you build virtually any type of website where users can register as members and join it with ease.

WooCommerce Membership Plugins
  • Get exclusive extensions like profile tab, user location, user bookmarks, etc to manage membership sites smoothly. 
  • Design an outstanding membership form with custom fields, drag, and drop builder, conditional logic, etc.
  • Provide front-end user-profiles and user registration, so that customers can subscribe to your site easily. 

Affordable Pricing Plans of Ultimate Member Membership Plugin

This WooCommerce membership plugin also comes with both free and premium versions. The free version is available in the WordPress repository and the premium version will cost you $249 to $299 yearly. With the premium version, you will get access to unlimited extensions, the ultimate member theme, and so on. 

Members For Membership & User Role Editor

Members is one of the roles and capabilities of maintaining WordPress Membership plugins by MemberPress team. This WordPress plugin helps you to integrate WordPress’ powerful roles and capabilities system into a simple user interface (UI). Furthermore, Members allows you to restrict content on your site by creating permissions, which were traditionally only available to site developers.

  • You can edit, create, and delete roles, set capabilities of these roles, as well as assign multiple roles to one user.
  • If you wish, you can configure your site and feed to be completely private.
  • Shortcodes are available for your Membership site so that you can create custom roles, capabilities, and access to your registered users. 
WooCommerce Membership Plugins

Affordable Pricing Plans of Members Membership Plugin 

This plugin is completely free and available as a WordPress plugin. As it is dependent on MemberPress, you have to get this WordPress plugin installed and activated on your eCommerce website. 

WP-Members WordPress Membership Plugin

The WP-Members plugin makes it easy for you to create a membership-based site for your WordPress blog. This is ideal for newsletters, private blogs, premium content websites, and more! By using this plugin, selected WP content can only be viewed by registered site members. The registration process is customized and branded to fit your site’s content instead of using WordPress’ native login page. 

WooCommerce Membership Plugins
  • Give you total control of user registration. All registration can be held for admin approval in the Admin panel, it will help to get spam-free users. 
  • With WP-Members, you can hide content from registered users, limiting access to restricted content.
  • Using WP-Members does not require any modifications to your theme, but it is fully customizable for those who want to customize the look and feel, or want to restrict only some content.

Affordable Pricing Plans of WP-Members Membership Plugin

With WP-Members WordPress plugin free version you can easily manage your membership site. And In the premium version, you will get exclusive privileges like 24/7 support, forum access, premium access, etc. The pricing starts from $59 to $125. Check out the detailed pricing here.

MemberPress Plugin For Managing WooCommerce Membership

WordPress membership plugin MemberPress is among the most popular plugins available. You can use it to build a robust WordPress membership system with all the features you need. Using MemberPress, you can set powerful rules for accessing premium content and create an unlimited number of memberships. Any page, any post, any custom post type, any category, any tag, and any other file on your site can be restricted easily.

WooCommerce Membership Plugins
  • It is possible to restrict access to virtually all files in a WordPress installation through MemberPress. This includes pages, child pages, posts, custom post types, categories, tags, and almost anything else.
  • You can create as many coupons as you want, control their expiration date, as well as customize their use from your dashboard.
  • The features of MemberPress include content dripping, timed content releases, and the expiration of content access.

Affordable Pricing Plans of MemberPress Membership Plugin

This stunning WooCommerce membership plugin has no free version, you have to purchase the premium version and integrate it into your WordPress membership site. The pricing of MemberPress starts from $270 to $699. Check out the detailed pricing here at a glance. 

Comparison Of Best WordPress Membership Plugins Based On WordPress Repository

Hopefully, you have got a clear idea about these top 5 best WooCommerce membership plugins. Depending on your eCommerce website category and need, you can go for any of these WordPress plugins. Here presenting the present ratings and download counts from the WordPress repository, so that you can check out their present performance at a glance. 

ParametersWCFM MembershipPaid Membership ProUltimate MemberMembersWP-MembersMemberPress
Ratings4.44.34.4 4.84.7 4.8
Pricing0- $2990- $5970- $29900-$125$270 to $699
Download Count30,000+100,000+200,000+200,000+80,000+35,967+
Support Issue Solved3 of 451 of 78348 of 4458 of 273 of 26N/A

Regardless of the WordPress plugins you choose, now is the time to build your striking eCommerce business membership community. If you enjoy this comparison, do let us know through comments and share it with others. To read more exciting blogs, subscribe to our newsletter and join our Facebook Community.

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