8 Best WooCommerce Review Plugin in 2022

Are you thinking of boosting sales? Are you searching for influencers, affiliates, or marketers? Aren’t you settling for less while one just has to think wisely and broadly? Think, look around and forward and open an opportunity to grab the attention of your upcoming customers. Compilation of reviews encroaches on the buyer’s calculative nature, generating a commonality and an empathic mind with the other customers. That’s where WooCommerce Review Plugin paves the way for sellers to score a goal! 

So now, when one has WooCommerce Review Plugin being a solution or, more specifically, an outrageous strategy for one’s business in WooCommerce, there comes another problem! You definitely would want to choose, customize and create the perfect one for you for bringing Uniqueness. WooCommerce B2B surprises again with its substantial numbers of review plugins at this particular point. Let’s give a glance at those sequentially.  

Best 8 WooCommerce Review Plugin in 2022

1. ReviewX – Multi-criteria Rating & Reviews for WooCommerce

To enhance the credibility of your marketplace and business, choose ReviewX as your customer will be able to get a preview of the reviews and the statistics. Collection of reviews consistently with the help of a constant email request strategy involves the customers more into your business advancement. 

Earning the trust of your customers and gaining your publicity by engaging their references about your product, this plugin suggests and welcomes reviews from the customer to bring genuineness. Automated review reminders and the addition of photos allow the seller to prove the store’s sustainability to the customer. 

For the sake of authenticity, purchasers will be given verified badges, and with the help of reCAPTCHA, owners will be able to eradicate any sort of duplicity. 

ReviewX has widespread options to manage advanced product reviews and make them more informative. 

WooCommerce Review Plugin

2. Yotpo Social Reviews for WooCommerce

Being a free marketing cloud, its Interactive mode and communication through questions and answers within seller and buyer in the review section prolong the plausibility of positivity in the customer’s purchase decision. 

While making your business decision, nothing is exceptional that owners have to be analytical, and buyers would give the hands of help. This Yotpo Social plugin collects the feedback across social platforms that eventually constructs a brand community that can stand up for your web market. 

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Yotpo has its irresistible reach to the highest peak of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and conventional Google. The 21st century demands social media provoking the customers to enhance their own choice of buy and marketing, Yotpo sets it possible. This plugin consists of Smart Dashboards, Advantage of mortification of product reviews or comments, visual displays of reviews, and the ability of Social push altogether to make a concrete distinction about Yotpo. 

3. Taqyeem- WordPress Review Plugin

Taqyeem is an Egyptian-made, premium-level review plugin with massive consistency and compatibility. Engaging three reviewing styles, i.e. Stars, Points and Percentage, Taqyeem, this plugin is drawn up to add integration to the mode of presentation of the reviews and ratings. 

Colorful, eye-catching outlines, including (styles, fonts, images) attract the buyers to observe the multiple review criteria. With the help of PO and MO files, localization becomes facile, so it’s easy to translate the social reviews and to read the multilingual reviews that customers want to convey. 

Who would want to depend on a particular language to evolve in a web marketplace? In this category, sellers and customers both wish to engage with all their identical values, for example, their language. Taqyeem, as a plugin, included the MO binary data files to their web servers, made it clear to the monolingual customer and seller. 

As WordPress is in the know of RTL (Right to Left) flow of languages ( Languages which have atypical directionality of written form from right to left, Taqyeem has such inclusion of Html that can script a chosen language in its default form), it quickens the customization of 500+ Google layouts in every corner of the universe as per the need of particular language of the author. 

Such a review plugin is suitable for WooCommerce products and a reminder to both parties of particular business development. 

Taqyeem banner

4. SIP Reviews Shortcode for WooCommerce

With the free version or pro version of this plugin, both are fully structured to employ the seller with a Shortcode to be presented anywhere in the ordinary post or page of social media to collect reviews and ratings from the customer. 

Not only that, the reviews would be visible to the other customers with the control of customizing by the market owner itself, thanks to its rich snippets.

SIP Reviews Shortcode for WooCommerce comes with multilingual support and the naming ability of the product as per the necessity of the marketing platform. Showing off your ratings via Google search is the best outcome through SIP. 

Suppose you did name your product as ‘X’, but you want it to be understood by the maximum number of customers worldwide, want to enroll a racial name rather than a symbolic one, SIP provides the option to customize the name of the product, basically it plays with the process of optimization in the results of Google, wants you to be ranked on the top place. 

SIP Reviews Banner

5. TWB Woocommerce Reviews

What is better than a responsive plugin in the world of the rush? With three of its outstanding layouts, it is tellingly lucrative. Three outlets are named – Slider and List and Masonry. Likely, SIP also serves you with Shortcodes but brings you the reviews altogether to make the customer convinced to buy your different products. 

This plugin is very easy to use and displays your testimonials just as you want them. Also, excellent support and let you start with a fresh theme. 

Currently, this same plugin is being updated chronologically, and its newest update touches the betterment; the plugin author is reliable and helpful to the fullest, keeps being responsive as much as possible, maintains its communications with the correct resolution, and recently resolved the issue regarding slider settings.

6. WooDiscuz – WooCommerce Comments

With zero hassle of configuration, an easy installation process makes the Rating Widget more beneficial to the customer and the seller. Both ends find it simpler than the other plugins. Seemingly endless obnoxious statements will start to come, and visitors will remain doubtful to the marketplace. Still, the chance is lower to occur as this plugin uses the cookies ( IP identification) to avoid duplicate votes or ratings or any fraud alerts. 

Customers may sit tensionless anytime they can opt out from getting traced out by getting help from the privacy page with chat support. Rating widget has you covered with the multilingual service, including 40 different languages. If you need your proliferation among the social media (Tweeter, Facebook), just ask the customer to share it with a simple process given by Rating-Widget: Star Review System. 

Rating widget is soundly a mobile-optimized plugin, which has been planned for the free version users, so for the starter, professional, and business premium package users distinctively with the availability of rich snippets of this review plugin.

WooDiscuz Banner

7. Google Merchant Center Customer Reviews Integration

Want to make an Identity in a web marketplace? Need Google Review Vanity Badge? Then you are in the right corner, and Google Merchant has the facilitation skills to help you be known and display your store’s ratings to the customers. The time customers check out from your online shop, this plugin will directly send a review reminder to leave a message containing their valuable opinion in their quick survey, mostly to share them in the random Google searches. 

Advanced Customers, no matter what is so dependent on the service of Google, follows a lot, provide access to their information Indiscreetly, so why not leave your torments to Google Merchant Center Customer Reviews Integration? 
Take the help of Google Merchant and make the best use of email marketing. The abundance of WooCommerce stores can make it tiresome to compete for any further, but this review plugin has got your back.

Rating Widget Banner

8. Ultimate Reviews Plugin

Acquiring more sales and customers at E-commerce platforms has never been a piece of cake. Through ultimate Plugin, as a seller inwardly through an “operative form” will circulate to the customer to send the reviews, feedback, and ratings on several products or commodities. Hardly it stops here! 

This plugin favors you by giving you room to categorize the comments or feedback as per your requirement. 

To enhance the authenticity, the regulator can also assemble the author’s name using this plugin and the date when the customer happened to write about the products on your website. 

This consequence-oriented plugin includes making the customer more elaborative and thought-provoking. Customers as a writer can write broadly and define their experience of purchasing definitively.

Ultimate Reviews Banner

Bonus Tips 

So let’s get ready and start with your sort of plugins. 

At first, Enable customer reviews with the built-in feature, and secondly, set up customer reviews with a plugin among all the best 8 plugins. Luckily, customer reviews are already included as a feature when you install WooCommerce. However, there are the occasional settings in any review plugins you have to configure to ensure they show up properly through the WooCommerce reviews. 

Customers looking for any features without an account will not face any particular problem; they can also do guest check out if they want to. Sellers can design their online store as more compelling from the superb collection of plugins.  

With automated or manual email occupying review reminders, keep your customers close to your WooCommerce store. Through the process mentioned below:

  • Written reviews but have to be extended and enhanced with sellers mortification skills,
  •  Addition of images & pictures, videos, or reels. 
  • Engaging your customers into the Questions and Answers box 
  • Promising Rewards, Free shipping, discounts, offers, coupon codes
  • Maintaining transparency over import and export reviews 
  • Circulating a selective email template 
  • Presence of different languages ( as many as possible ) to gather more customers from the world level. 
  • Responsive regulator team to answer the questions customers could ask.
  • Enabling customers to vote on past reviews
  • Granting the customers with all available information that preceded a successful purchase by buyers. 

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Optimizing the review section of your web marketplace enhances the possibility of conversion marketing and the store’s profitability. Your first-time customer would turn into a returning customer through your intellectuality in the Business field. Your online business, the solutions, and the managing tools you desiderated are altogether present in the plugins that WooCommerce provides.

WooCommerce makes this happen through its diverse range of plugins that have been mentioned initially. The choice is completely yours! Proving the authoritativeness to your customers, you take the shelter of the plugins as mentioned earlier according to your nature of business or store you settled up. These plugins show you an advantageous embodiment of features. While you are accustomed to enhancing the quality of your marketplace and providing guidance to your employees, properly use Apploye to manage working hours.

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