Translate WooCommerce

How To Translate WooCommerce Shops?

One of the primary advantages of establishing an online WooCommerce business over a physical retail store is that you can potentially reach clients all over the world, or even in the multilingual areas in which you already sell. So in this blog, we’ll begin by highlighting the business advantages of going multilingual. Then, we’ll lead you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to translate WooCommerce shops with some easy WordPress tools. 

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Facebook Shop

How to Connect WooCommerce To Your Facebook Shop [2022]

Facebook Shop is a tool that allows companies to create an online store and sell their products via Facebook or Instagram. It is completely free, and the coolest thing is that you can connect it with your WooCommerce store. Facebook’s business-friendly features, such as specialized brand pages, have steadily grown to support digital businesses in advertising their products and brands. In today’s blog, we will discuss how ta easily integrate your WooCommerce store into your Facebook shop

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Trends In eCommerce

10 Underhyped Trends In eCommerce Business You Need To Catch Up

The trends in eCommerce are always evolving, and this year has been no exception. Merchants are building and/or enhancing their e-commerce businesses and now need to meet customers where they are. Capitalizing on current trends in eCommerce early and as often as an e-commerce business owner is vital to standing out, getting noticed, and setting yourself up for success. In today‚Äôs blog, we will talk about some underhyped trends in e-commerce business to flourish your business. 

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