mobile shopping experience

10 Ways To Improve Mobile Shopping Experience For Your Customers

Mobile shopping experience is an important aspect of skyrocketing your eCommerce store so that you can grab the maximum amount of attention from your potential customers. If you are planning to improve your online store’s mobile shopping experience, then start reading this article. 

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Online Business using WooCommerce

Non-technical Guide: How To Start FREE Online Business Using WooCommerce & Templates [2023]

You can launch your online business for free without any hassle by using the WooCommerce plugin. Our common misconception is that we have to be techies to start an online business. But thanks to WordPress and its wide collection of helpful plugins. Today we will explore how to create your own online store without any coding. This is a non-technical guide.

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lazy loading

Lazy Loading In WordPress: Guide For WooCommerce Store Owner

When exploring websites or WooCommerce stores, you may often see website content loads with scrolling. It’s because lazy loading is enabled on those sites. Is it the first time you are hearing about the lazy loading effect? Then today you are going to get everything you need to know about lazy loading in WordPress as well as in WooCommerce stores. 

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countdown timer sales alert

How To Create FOMO By Showing Countdown Timer Sale Alert & Increase Revenue

A simple countdown timer sales alert can radically skyrocket your growth. And it’s not the words by us. According to Marcus Taylor’ case study, adding a countdown timer increases the sales conversion rate from 2.5% to 10.8%. The question is how you can also create a countdown timer for sales alerts to increase revenue? This article will help you to figure it all out. 

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disable ajax cart fragments

 Why & How to Disable Ajax Cart Fragments For WooCommerce

Is your WooCommerce website running slow? A major reason can be the Ajax cart fragments on the eCommerce site. Moreover, how to disable Ajax cart fragments or why “/?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments” URL generates are one of the most asked WooCommerce related questions. If you are just beginning to manage WooCommerce websites, then this knowledge base article will guide you step-by-step.

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embed google reviews

How To Embed Google Reviews To WooCommerce Websites Instantly?

When you scroll down popular WooCommerce sites, you will often find they embed Google reviews. If you also want to boost your eCommerce business credibility, then embed Google reviews into your WooCommerce website is surely one of the best tested & proven strategies. Today we will show you how you can easily also do that without any coding! Let’s hop into the tutorial. 

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woocommerce multisite

How To Create a WooCommerce Multisite in 2023? [3 Steps Guide]

Do you know that you can run multiple eCommerce businesses at once with your single WordPress website by turning it into a WooCommerce multisite? Fortunately, it’s very simple to setup WooCommerce multisite with the right guidance. Today we will show you how you can create one within 5 minutes. 

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elementor template for woocommerce

10 Best Elementor Templates for WooCommerce Website [No Coding]

To give your eCommerce site an attractive appearance, Elementor templates for WooCommerce have now become the 1st choice. Due to utmost flexibility and codeless experience, Elementor templates are becoming popular day by day, even for eCommerce sites. To help you out, today we will check out the best 10 Elementor templates for WooCommerce websites. 

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review platforms

5 Most Credible Review Platforms To Collect Customer Feedback

The recent emergence of review platforms plays a huge role in accelerating your online and offline eCommerce business growth. But picking up the most credible review platforms is not a cup of tea from thousands on online platforms. Therefore, today we will look at the most popular review platforms where you should focus on collecting customer feedback. 

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Best Social Proof Plugins

7 Best Social Proof Plugins Compared To Find The Most Effective One

When you are running eCommerce business with WordPress websites, social proof plugins are the must-have to skyrocket your sales. Wondering how will that help to convince potential customers to try your products? Well, people always love to follow what others are following. This is what Social Proof plugins for your website do- they showcase previous users’ activities in real-time, motivate your customers to take action, and build their trust. 

Best Social Proof Plugins

In today’s digital era, you can’t convince or build trust through advertisements only. Displaying social proof on your websites, such as user reviews, ratings, and comments will attract new users the most. Including social proof plugins in your WordPress website will help you out in this case.

What Does Social Proof Mean? 

Before going for the most effective social proof plugins, you should know how social proof works on your eCommerce website visitors. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that has been in practice for many years. Usually, people will follow what others like them have done. When a person sees that others are also recommending or purchasing from a particular business, then that person will also want to do the same as they do not want to miss out on a good opportunity. 

For eCommerce businesses, this is even more important, as you cannot show what your products and services are like in real life. So customers will hesitate as they don’t know if you are credible. Social proof strategy comes here to your rescue. Along with your eCommerce business, social proof will also increase user engagement and boost your conversion rates of online learning websites, blogging websites, etc. That’s where WordPress social proof plugins help.

Why Should You Get Social Proof Plugin For eCommerce Website?

The importance of using social proof plugins can be seen in the survey results shown below from BrightLocal. This survey shows that when purchasing anything online, about 36% of people always check for reviews. If you can somehow manage to showcase your product reviews on your website, then that will help your products to sell even more. 

social proof plugins for wordpress

Let’s find out how social proof plugins help you out with your eCommerce website in brief. 

Gaining Credibility

Social proof plugins help you to build trust among new visitors, as most customers check for reviews and ratings. When you are running your business online, it’s hard to gain trust, as you cannot convince them face to face. In these situations, you can use social proof plugins to gain credibility. 

Increase Sales & Engagements

Social proof plugins help you to skyrocket your sales and site engagements. When other new visitors will find that so many people are downloading or purchasing your products, they will be also enthusiastic to do the same. It will lead you to increase sales on your WordPress website. People are eager to purchase that product that has more sales count and share comments on those posts frequently which have already user engagements.  

Increase New User Activity:

It will help you to increase post or page activity too. When you will showcase how many people are commenting on your posts, It encourages other visitors to also leave their comments too. 

Increase Social Media Visibility & Activity:

When you showcase your posts or products’ social media stats, like how many times they have been shared or liked, these influence other users to try that product too. When you get more social media engagement, you can build your brand value, get even more sales, and build a trustworthy brand reputation on social media. 

Run Successful Marketing Campaigns:

When your business has an online presence, digital marketing is essential to promote your products or services. Social proof marketing itself is a part of the digital marketing strategy. Because you are leveraging your previous sales, reviews from customers, etc to build credibility and get even more sales from new customers. So with social proof, it will be easier to run successful promotional campaigns as people will have more faith in your business.

Now let’s explore and compare some of the best and most effective social proof plugins for WordPress. 

7 Best WordPress Social Proof Plugins For WordPress Compared

The social proof plugins of WordPress have all the above features so that the site visitors can gain credibility and eventually pay, subscribe to, or download an offer. Let’s dive deep to see how social proof plugins help you to grow your eCommerce business, and which WordPress social proof plugin is the best one for you.

As you have already got a clear idea, why you should have social proof plugins for your eCommerce website. In this section, we will compare the 7 best social proof plugins. We have made this list by checking the growth rate, active users, prices, and amazing features for each plugin. These are:  

All of these plugins have many exclusive features as well as basic features. Some of them are famous for only one type of notification and some of them are famous for having multiple types of notifications. Find out more below. 

Creating Sales Alert Notifications

When you are selling any products through your eCommerce website, you can enable a sales notification alert. That will showcase who is buying your products or how many people are buying the products. These types of notifications with NotificationX for free. You can fetch data from 6 different platforms, among them most popular platforms are WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, Freemius, etc. 

social proof plugins

With Influence, Repouso, Live Sales Notification you can also create free sales alerts but with limited platform integrations. Furthermore, you can create sales notifications with Fomo, Notifia, ProveSource in the premium version and these will give you a wide range of platform integrations. 

As you can see, although other social proof plugins also help you display sales alerts, they support a limited number of 3rd party integrations. Whereas with NotificationX, you can get many popular options like showcasing individual users, bulk purchase numbers, area-wise purchase numbers, etc.

Creating Unlimited Numbers Of Notifications 

With NotificationX, you can create unlimited notifications on your eCommerce website. You can create more than one notification and keep them active. With this plugin’s PRO version, you can activate an unlimited number of websites. 

You can maintain unlimited notifications with Repuso also but the pro version can be activated on 10 websites only.  Live Sales notification will help you to create unlimited impressions as well. 

social proof plugins

Influence will allow one notification active in the free plan, Notifia and Fomo will allow notifications only in the premium version, and ProveSouce will allow as many notifications as you want but can keep active only one in the free version.

With other social proof plugins for WordPress, there’s a limitation in creating unlimited notifications. So NotificationX is more affordable and convenient compared to them.

Showcase Reviews To Build Credibility

When you showcase reviews of your products, new visitors feel encouraged to try your products and may buy them in the future or eventually. With NotificationX, You can showcase review alerts for free and integrate with up to 5 third-party platforms, they are WordPress, ReviewX, WooCommerce, Freemius, and Zapier.  

social proof plugins

You can showcase reviews for free in Live Sales Notification, Repuso with limited integrations.  When you use Fomo, Notifia, and ProveSource you can showcase reviews but only available in the premium version. 

Get More Conversions By Displaying Download Counts

The number of times your customers have downloaded your products shows how popular and trustworthy the products are. eCommerce website owners can showcase your downloads count easily with NotificationX for free. 

In Influence WordPress plugin, you will also get this feature for free. But with Fomo and Notifia you can display download statistics from WordPress repository if you have the premium versions. 

social proof plugins

Showcase Exciting Offers With Notification Bar

When you want to provide a discount or special offer or want to share any news with your eCommerce website visitors; just include a notification bar with relevant content and it will do the rest. With NotificationX you can create multiple types of notification bars, depending on your need. You can add countdown timers to create urgency and a call to action button to take visitors to your desired landing pages, add relevant images, icons, and so on. This cool feature is available in the free version of NotificationX. 

social proof plugins

Notifia has similar types of notification bars but is only available in the premium version. You get to customize your notification bar, but it doesn’t have any premade templates like NotificationX.

Other plugins mentioned in this post don’t have this exclusive feature. 

Display  Email Subscription Alerts To Grow Your Mailing List

In this digital era, email marketing is a strong tool in the field of marketing, so the more email subscribers are gathered, the more sales you can make in the long run. This feature is available in all seven plugins like NotificationX, Fomo, Notifia, Repuso, Influence, ProveSource, and Live Sales Notification

But, unlike the others, NotificationX comes with the highest number of plugin integration; these are Mailchimp, Converkit, and Zapier. 

social proof plugins

Create Custom Notifications For Multiple Purposes

When you want to add a different type of custom notification with social proof plugins, you may do that. As it is a basic feature of any social proof plugin for WordPress. All of the seven plugins have this feature in their premium version. 

NotificationX offers more flexibility while creating this kind of notification, such as you can showcase bulk notifications, statistics, etc from your plugin dashboard. Also, there is a wide range of pre-made templates available, you can go for them if you want to create notifications in a shorter time and you don’t have to think about outlooks. Repuso WordPress plugin has this feature also to create customized pop-ups, but there are no templates for quick buildings.

Other plugins like Fomo, Live Sales Notification, ProveScource, Notifia, and Influence don’t offer users to create custom notifications. 

Measure & Analyze Campaign Performance

When you are running promotional or discount campaigns on your eCommerce website, you must measure their performance as well as success rates. These data will help you to run more successful campaigns in the future. NotificationX PRO has a built-in analytics tool, from there you can see all campaign performance, success rate, and other details. 

social proof plugins

You will have this feature in Fomo, Notifia, and ProveSouce in premium pricing packages. You can’t measure directly in Repuso, Live Sales Notifications

Bonus Features Only Available With NotificationX

After fulfilling all the basic characteristics of social proof plugins, NotificationX still has more to offer. This WordPress plugin will help you boost your online business wizard and you can build any type of pop-up notifications and get more conversions. 

Compatibility With Elementor Page Builder

NotificationX has given you the flexibility to add any type of content in your notification bar, as now it is compatible with the Elementor page builder. You can customize the appearance of your notification bar and add multiple widgets instantly in Elementor. This will help you create more stunning notification bars for your WordPress websites and boost your conversions.

social proof plugins

Catch User Attention With Notifications Sounds

NotificationX offers various levels of customization for its notifications. For example,  you can enable sound alerts for your notifications, so that every time any visitor visits your website, notification sound will help you to get their attention. 

Centralized Queue Management For Multiple Notifications

When you activate multiple notifications for a single website, you can control and manage what notifications to show first with the centralized queue management feature in NotificationX. You can determine the time interval between them also. Managing queue centrally is another bonus feature of NotificationX. 

social proof plugins

Evaluate Campaign Performance With Analytics Tool

NotificationX comes with an advanced Analytics tool that will give you a detailed report on how much engagement it has generated, the conversion rates as well as bounce rates. This will help you to run more successful campaigns. 

Flexible Customization Options

There is a wide range of layouts and themes for each type of notification. You can display your customer/subscribers’ locations, gravaters, names, etc. If you don’t want to display your customers’ names and other related information, you can hide their information too and display pop-ups as anonymously. It can help you to customize any kind of notifications. 

social proof plugins

More Exclusive Platform Integration

As social proof plugins fetch data from other integrated platforms as showcased on your website, the more platforms integrated, the more feasible the plugin is. When you will use NotificationX, it will give you the freedom to integrate every type of platform like Envato, Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, WPForms, GiveWP, Tutor LMS, LearnDash, Freemious, etc. So, you can add popups or notifications on your website fetching data from any platform.

In short, NotificationX is like an all-in-one solution for growing your WordPress website with social proof. 

Feature Comparison Of Social Proof Plugins At A Glance

You can easily improve your marketing strategy with social proof plugins. Now the question is which plugin is the most effective one for your website? This depends on the pricing, the number of platform integrations, and the types of notifications you can create with the plugin. Here is a brief feature comparison of the 7 best social proof plugins at a glance. 

ParametersNotificationXFomoNotifiaRepusoInfluenceProveSourceLive Sales Notification
Pricings$0-$299$19-$199$9-$149$0-$486$0-$129$0- $913$0
Active installations in WordPress10k+N/A100+1k+200+2k+8K+
Notifications/ impressionsUnlimited25k- 3000KUnlimitedUnlimited1k- 200k1k-500kUnlimited
Unlimited Domain✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Remove BrandingProProProProProPro
Sales Notifications✔️ProPro✔️✔️✔️✔️
WordPress Org Stats✔️ProPro✔️
WP Reviews✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Download Stats✔️Pro
Notification Bar✔️Pro
Email Subscription AlertProProProProProPro
24/7 SupportProProProProProPro
Freemius IntegrationPro
Zapier IntegrationProProPro✔️Pro
Tutor LMS✔️
Google AnalyticsProProProProPro
Ninja Forms✔️
Gravity FormsProPro
Contact Form 7✔️
UTM ControlPro
Sound AlertPro
Custom NotificationsProProProProProPro
Centralized Queue Management✔️✔️
Customize With Elementor✔️

Hope this feature comparison chart will help you to choose the most effective social proof plugin for your website. 

🎉 Accelarate Your eCommerce Business With Social Proof Plugins

When you want to generate multiple types of notifications and showcase data from a wide range of platforms, then NotificationX is the most effective one as a social proof plugin. You can customize it as you need, analyze every notification performance, be budget-friendly, and most importantly can use it for any type of website. Here no hassle of integration when publishing any notifications, as you can create, edit, and maintain all from the WordPress dashboard. 

As you can see, to increase unique visitors’ capability you have to keep upgrading for more expensive packages for other plugins. NotificationX’s most unique feature is there is no limitation in monthly unique visitors. It’s the ultimate social proof and FOMO marketing tool for  WordPress. More than 10,000 businesses are trusting NotificationX to boost their sales.  So you can understand how powerful it is. 

We hope this blog has helped you to get a clear idea of the most effective social proof plugins. If you haven’t included any social proof plugin on your WordPress website, then you may try out NotificationX this 2021 to see how it works. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and let us know your experience. For more updates, news and tutorials, subscribe to our blog or join our Facebook Community to connect with other WordPress users.